Crisis Response Line

Crisis Response Line: +44 (0)333 20 21 010

In the event of a dawn raid, health & safety incident or other emergency, you require lawyers who are available at any time of the day.

Our Crisis Response Line ensures that you have access to 24-hour assistance to respond to minor and major incidents related to:

  • Anti-Corruption:  global corporate crime and investigations specialists have in-depth experience in investigating and advising clients on all types of fraud, money laundering, false accounting and corruption issues. Our specialist lawyers can also advise you on fraud prevention, compliance, relevant corporate governance, regulatory obligations, reputation management and insurance issues.
  • Environment: Our teams can support you through any environment crisis, whether it be a minor or major incident.
  • Competition: Our trained team of specialist competition and dispute lawyers can also help co-ordinate dawn raid response through our offices in jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Health & Safety: Our highly experienced health & safety lawyers advise on all aspects of incident response, covering aspects such as legal privilege,  the powers of the police and regulatory bodies, and general investigation support. 
  • Technology & Litigation: Our TMC Group includes lawyers practising in many different areas of law, globally.

Our Crisis Response Team can be contacted 24/7 via the telephone number +44 (0)333 20 21 010.