Picture of Victoria Peckett

Victoria Peckett

Co-Head, Construction & Engineering

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Languages English

Victoria Peckett is the co-head of the Construction team in the UK and has more than 20 years’ experience advising clients on all aspects of construction.

She advises a wide variety of employer clients and contractors on the drafting and negotiation of construction contracts for a broad range of projects both international and domestic.

Victoria has extensive experience of assisting clients with the resolution of disputes (both before and after the commencement of proceedings), including through adjudication, litigation, arbitration and mediation. She works with all the major forms of standard contract (e.g. FIDIC, NEC and JCT) and on bespoke forms of contracts.

She chairs the drafting committee for the JCT, is a member of the City of London Law Society’s Construction Law Committee and of the British Council of Offices Environment, Social and Governance Committee and is on the Consultant Editorial Board for Lexis PSL Construction.

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"She's very good at getting to the bottom of complex issues." "She is very clever at a strategic level."

Chambers, 2016

Client Choice Awards 2015 in association with the International Law Office and Lexology: winner of Client Choice award for Construction in the UK

"she is extremely experienced and knowledgeable."

Chambers, 2018

‘a leader in the field, who is quietly leading the changes to the standard forms produced by JCT’.

Legal 500, 2017

Sources say she is "very clever, highly organised and on top of all the details. She has a good grasp of the strategic overview."

Chambers, 2015

London partner Victoria Peckett is recommended for EPCs

Legal 500 Latin America, 2014

Department head Victoria Peckett is ‘intelligent, organised, and well prepared, and a good strategic thinker'

Legal 500, 2014

Relevant experience

  • An African government in relation to a claim for defective design of a large dam project. Claims concern a potential 3 year construction overrun and costs incurred of approx GBP 20m
  • The Latin American subsidiary of a European energy company on the construction aspects of a USD 1.3bn LNG project, including advice on termination and on associated bond calls.
  • An institutional investor on the drafting of demolition and construction contracts and a suite of consultant appointments in respect of the GBP 200m redevelopment of the London Fruit & Wool Exchange in London
  • A contractor on claims under its sub-contracts for the supply and installation of boilers for a power generation project in Brazil, including on claims relating to delays, calls on bonds, and on the terms of settlement of the disputes
  • An owner in relation to the contracts for a USD 2.5bn mixed-use tourism and real estate development in the Middle East
  • A car manufacturer in relation to the contracts for the construction for a 300,000 vehicle p.a. production line in Eastern Europe
  • A consortium bidding for the role of a delivery partner/contractor with the Environment Agency for a potential 10 year programme of flood risk management works known as the Thames Estuary Phase 1 Programme
  • An owner in relation to claims against its contractor for LADs for delay, termination and losses incurred as a result of termination in respect of a waste management facility in East England. The LADs claims were adjudicated, litigated and mediated  
  • A contractor on the contracts for a GBP 75m development in North West London for the creation of 370 residential units alongside 693 sq m of retail and leisure space
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BA (Law), St John’s College, Cambridge

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