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Fuelled by huge customer demand for cutting-edge products and increased supply of pioneering services, the sectors of technology, media and telecommunications are each undergoing unprecedented change. Innovation is key, and so tech and telecoms suppliers, and creators and distributors of media, need to protect their investments and maximise their commercial opportunities.

Sector convergence coupled with the rapid evolution of new technologies has also opened up a wealth of opportunities in your industry and you'll be well aware of the need to adapt, diversify into new business lines, and often to grow, while all the time complying with new regulatory requirements.

To tackle these challenges head-on, lawyers like us who understand your sector, on an international basis make a real difference.

At CMS, our global team of specialist lawyers has been exposed to virtually every risk and challenge you face in the TMT sector and with our long-standing focus on Technology, Media and Telecommunications, we are best placed to deliver innovative solutions through our award winning disputes, corporate, IP, commercial, data privacy and security, employment and tax practices.

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"The firm offers specific TMT regulatory expertise and understands the business."

Chambers, 2017

"Pragmatic, reachable and uncomplicated."

Chambers, 2017

"Profound legal knowledge."

Chambers, 2017

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    To understand adtech, you need your lawyers to have market-leading understanding of both technology and advertising and we can offer this expertise. We live and breathe technology with a large team of technology lawyers in the top tier of the legal directories.

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    Advertising, Marketing & Sponsorship

    The advertising and marketing sector is diverse and dynamic, with creativity and resourcefulness at its heart. We bring that same spirit to the work we do for our clients in the sector. We assist a range of clients - small to large - across the sector above, below and through the line, including brands, agencies and publishers.   

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    The communications sector is undergoing a fundamental and rapid evolution, with new digital companies accompanied by challenging long-standing business models, runaway technological development, convergence, disruption and significant change to the regulatory landscape. Deregulation in certain areas is going arm in arm with greater regulatory control in others, such as data breach, consumer privacy and merger.

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    Esports & Games

    Our lawyers are at the forefront of the Esports and Games revolution.

    Esports and Games sit at the intersection of many of our core areas of expertise, including sports, media, advertising, technology, video games and gambling. We understand the intricacies of the industries and are able not only to provide legal solutions but also a customised strategy tailored to your objectives.

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    The CMS FinTech team brings together the strengths of market-leading legal and technological expertise, with industry knowledge. With our expert technology, outsourcing, intellectual property and data privacy teams, substantial banking and insurance team, and considerable regulatory practice, CMS is a genuine FinTech powerhouse and our experienced corporate team boasts the skills to deliver successful transactions for the largest institution to the smallest start-up and its investors.

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    The gambling industry is constantly in a state of change. While regulatory liberalisation is creating new opportunities in some jurisdictions, tightening legislation is closing down avenues in others. Our deep knowledge of the sector allows us to advise our clients on how to recognise, protect and optimise their opportunities within this shifting landscape.

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    CMS has led on more media deals than any other law firm in both the UK and Europe. These are exciting times for the media sector, given the opportunities – and challenges – arising from the convergence of media, technology and telecoms, changes in consumer behaviour and content delivery, the proliferation of data, and an ever-changing regulatory regime heavily influenced by political and economic factors.

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    Sports law is a complex maze, from acquiring and exploiting media and content rights, sponsorship, branding and endorsements contracts, over licensing and merchandising, management agreements and team contracts, to venue use agreements, ticketing, catering and hospitality. The industry also faces a complex array of regulatory, socio-political and legal challenges, including a renewed focus on fairness, transparency and anti-bribery and corruption.

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    It’s virtually impossible to overstate the scale and pace of technologically-driven change, or to exaggerate the importance of working with lawyers who can help you stay one step ahead of the accompanying risks and challenges. At CMS, our brilliant Technology specialists have led the way in tech law since the earliest days of the internet. Or even before…

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    24 March 2020
    Pay­ments Solu­tions
    16 Jan 18
    5 Top Trends for Adtech in 2018
    Adtech has al­ways been a dy­nam­ic, evolving in­dustry that is con­stantly chan­ging. As we move in­to 2018, here are 5 top trends that we think will be seen in the adtech mar­ket this year.   1. Con­sol­id­a­tion...
    03 Apr 20
    Re­cord £13m set­tle­ment agreed with Caesars En­ter­tain­ment fol­low­ing...
    On 2 April 2020, the Gambling Com­mis­sion (the “Com­mis­sion”) agreed a re­cord £13m reg­u­lat­ory set­tle­ment with Caesars En­ter­tain­ment UK Lim­ited (“Caesars”) in re­la­tion to anti-money laun­der­ing,...
    16 March 2020
    CMS wins ‘Ser­vice Pro­vider Award’ at the Crypto AM...
    27 Oct 17
    Ad­vert­ising on the road less trav­elled
    As a re­l­at­ive new­comer to Lon­don, one cul­tur­al quirk of my new city that I've fully em­braced is the Tube Ex­cuse. Don't pre­tend you don't know what I mean: "sorry I'm late - ab­so­lute night­mare on the Pic­ca­dilly...
    03 Apr 20
    The Gambling Com­mis­sion an­nounces ac­tions from three in­dustry work­ing...
    Fol­low­ing Neil McAr­thur’s break­fast brief­ing in Oc­to­ber 2019, the Gambling Com­mis­sion  es­tab­lished three in­dustry work­ing groups, each fo­cus­ing on a dif­fer­ent chal­lenge iden­ti­fied by the Com­mis­sion...
    16 March 2020
    CMS ad­vises Bede Gam­ing on its sale of a ma­jor­ity stake...
    19 Oct 17
    Any ex­cuse to buy some new shoes...
    I have a con­fes­sion to make. When it comes to foot­wear, I'm a cheapskate. I'd say that, on av­er­age, a pair of my shoes costs around ?20. Max. (If it was­n't for one very ex­pens­ive and ill thought out...
    02 Apr 20
    Gambling Com­mis­sion Pub­lishes 2020/2021 Busi­ness Plan
    On 1 April the Gambling Com­mis­sion pub­lished its 2020/2021 Busi­ness Plan, out­lining its key pri­or­it­ies for the com­ing fin­an­cial year. Un­sur­pris­ingly, con­sumer pro­tec­tion and en­force­ment for non-com­pli­ance...
    5 March 2020
    CMS equIP hits new mile­stone of 100 mem­bers in Lon­don...
    20 Apr 17
    M & Adtech: Or­acle buys MOAT
    The con­sol­id­a­tion wave in adtech con­tin­ues with the an­nounce­ment that Or­acle is to buy ad meas­ure­ment spe­cial­ist Moat for an un­dis­closed fee. Moat will form part of Or­acle’s Data Cloud of­fer­ing, whilst...
    30 Mar 20
    Coronavir­us And Force Ma­jeure in the Scot­tish Sports In­dustry
    Dis­rup­tion caused by coronavir­us The break­out of coronavir­us has already had a pro­found im­pact on the Scot­tish and UK eco­nomy. One of the sec­tors that has been most af­fected is the Scot­tish sports in­dustry:...