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Employment & Pensions Lawyers

The labour market is dynamic, as is labour law – such is evident from numerous legal changes in 2016. The increase of maximum working hours in combination with work-related travel times, restrictions on non-compete clauses and greater transparency in all-in contracts are only a few examples of several material changes in labour law. What is more, European regulations are also becoming an increasingly important factor for you. To remain successful, you must take appropriate action in all areas pertaining to labour law.

We are not only Austria’s largest, but also the leading law firm in all fields of individual and collective labour law. Our areas of expertise include, in particular, the works constitution and all matters related to collective regulations as well as European labour law. Moreover, we specialise in pension fund law and the special labour regulations applicable to former state-owned companies. Further key areas covered by our lawyers include the medical sector, the posting of employees abroad and social security law.

We have been active in labour law for over 30 years, not only providing our clients with legal advice but also representing them in court (including the CJEU) and before public authorities. We also advise and support you in negotiations with unions and works councils. Our expertise in labour law extends far beyond Austria’s borders and encompasses a wide variety of different sectors. We provide guidance and support to banks, insurance companies and businesses in the industrial, telecommunications and service sectors as well as to health institutions and universities.

The main focus of our activities is on advising clients on the establishment and termination of employment contracts, on negotiating and concluding collective bargaining agreements and works agreements between employers and works councils (in particular working time schemes, social compensation plans), and on providing advice on labour law issues related to changes in working conditions and all aspects of employee data protection law. We also advise you on all labour law aspects of business transactions, restructurings and reorganisations.

Labour law is without doubt a key factor for investment decisions in CEE countries. Our vast expertise in this field is reflected year after year in top rankings on both the national and international level (Legal500, Chambers, JUVE, Advocatus).

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Picture of Peter Simo
Peter Šimo
Man­aging Part­ner
Slovakia, Bratislava
Peter Šimo is Managing Partner of CMS in Bratislava. He is head of Banking & Finance and German Desk in Bratislava and is a member of the international transaction team. He has a track record of ...
Picture of Jens Winter
Jens Winter
Austria, Vienna
Jens Winter joined CMS in Vienna in September 2008. After obtaining a doctoral degree with honours from the Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna in 2005, he worked at a law firm in Vienna...
Picture of Christoph Wolf
Christoph Wolf
Austria, Vienna
Christoph Wolf is a partner at CMS and heads the employment and pensions team together with Bernhard Hainz. For over 15 years he has been particularly advising companies with respect to judicial and...
Picture of Bernhard Hainz
Bernhard Hainz
Austria, Vienna
Bernhard Hainz is a partner at CMS in Vienna and head of the team for employment and pensions law. As one of Austria’s leading specialists, he has been advising companies for more than 30 years, p...
Picture of Andrea Potz
Andrea Potz
Austria, Vienna
Andrea Potz studied law at the University of Vienna, where she specialised in commercial and business law. After the required year of legal traineeship, she held the position of university assistant...
Picture of Christoph Kietaibl
Christoph Kietaibl
Of Coun­sel
Austria, Vienna
Christoph Kietaibl previously held the position of university assistant at the institute for labour and social security law of the University of Vienna; he was appointed assistant professor in June ...
Benedikt Walch
Austria, Vienna
Benedikt Walch joined CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz as an associate in September 2017. He specialises in labour and social law as well as medical law. Benedikt Walch completed his law studies at the...
Miriam Mitschka
Austria, Vienna
Miriam Mitschka joined CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Vienna as an associate in September 2018. She studied law at the University of Vienna and the University of Amsterdam. Prior to joining CMS...
Picture of Dominik Stella
Dominik Stella
Austria, Vienna
Dominik Stella has been am associate at CMS in Vienna since August 2016, with a special focus on employment and social law. He studied law at the Universities of Vienna and Oslo and, whilst studying...
Tanja Schmadl
Austria, Vienna
Tanja Schmadl joined CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz in January 2018. After completing her studies, she became a university assistant at the Department of Labour Law, Social Law and Legal Informatics at the...