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Employment & Pensions


For your business to be successful, the relationship with your employees as well as your employee representatives such as works councils and unions is crucial. Employment and pension law in Europe is complex and, at times, contradictory, whether you are dealing with salary packages, employment contracts, equal opportunities and restrictive covenants or restructurings and mergers and acquisitions.

European directives, European court decisions, national laws, local cases and precedent must all be taken into account by your management team.

Our 280-strong group of sector specialists in Employment & Pensions law in Europe and beyond can help you navigate the maze of HR regulations, their practical application and other legal complexities you must contend with on a daily basis.

If your business crosses borders, you will be faced with additional legal hurdles before achieving the outcome you need.

With a global network covering 33 countries, we can help solve your problems across all the jurisdictions in which you operate or plan to operate - whether your issue relates to employment contracts, pension schemes, redundancies, M&A, collective labour law, social security or litigation.

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Faster recovery of undisputed social security debts with writ of...
Since 1 January 2017, the law explicitly provides for a general option for the National Social Security Office (“NSSO”) to recover undisputed debts by means of a writ of execution. This means that the NSSO can provide itself an enforceable title (a writ of.
Belgian rules regarding working time at offshore wind farms
With approximately 712 MW offshore wind capacity at present, and the construction of five new offshore wind farms, Belgium is a worldwide leader in the offshore production of electricity. In 2020, 2400 MW shall be installed along Belgium’s coast.
Are we witnessing the rise of super level economic environment ri...
In a few years’ time we may look back and say that it was in 2015/2016 when legal proceedings and recent policy changes combined to produce manifest serious transfrontier and trans-sector commercial and economic environment risk.
Another attempt to tackle the wage gap
On 2 November 2016, the Council of Ministers approved a proposal of Minister of Employment Kris Peeters to modify the Law of 26 July 1996 regarding employment promotion and competitiveness protection, in respect of the remuneration margin.
ABS Regulation - Draft Biotech Sector Stakeholder Guidance
Views are being sought from interested stakeholders on European guidance for the biotechnology sector concerning the EU’s access to genetic resources and sharing of benefits from utilisation legislation – namely the ABS Regulation.
Trade Secrets Directive approved by the European Council
On 27 May the European Council approved the Directive on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets) against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure ("Trade Secrets Directive").