MIFID, compliance, dematerialisation, Basel II, deregulation, disintermediation, removal of barriers: the financial sector is undergoing rapid and profound transformation. Banking and insurance businesses are changing to adapt to their new economic and regulatory environment. Thrown into the spotlight on the world economic stage, banks and other financial institutions, increasingly exposed to fierce competition, must increasingly resort to adaptability and foresight. Obtaining the support of legal and tax experts on issues affecting financial institutions is essential to their ongoing development.

Our Practice areas

We offer a large range of legal services on behalf of financial institutions.Our team has expertise in the following areas:

  • licensing of credit institutions
  • monitoring regulatory impact on credit institutions’ branches and representative offices
  • advice on codes of conduct applicable to banking services
  • internal control and compliance
  • litigation (civil, criminal and disciplinary)
  • marketing and distribution of banking services
  • in and out passporting of banking services – free establishment and free provision of services
Our approach

Synergy of expertise: we call upon the skills of other experts in the firm, notably our tax lawyers, to ensure that the matters to which we are entrusted are dealt with in the best possible manner and that every transaction is fully covered as well as its regulatory aspects.
Ability to deal with complex issues: our team works on innovative cross-border transactions along with our CMS network partners as necessary.
Innovative, customised solutions: attentive to our clients, we respond in the best possible way to their present and future needs.

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