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Life Sciences & Healthcare Lawyers

We work with and have established long-term relationships with the top 100 life sciences & healthcare companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, agriculture and food, including the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and nine out of the top ten global medical device companies.

Our life sciences & healthcare teams in Central and Eastern Europe advise leading global business groups in the sector on transactions, commercial agreements, compliance, investigations and litigation, very often across multiple jurisdictions in the region and beyond. We can help you to navigate the regulatory landscape and to ensure compliance with both local laws and global policies.

The team offers high responsiveness, a good understanding of business, well-organised client events, focused information sharing and regular updates on legislative changes.

With over 150 international specialist lawyers across CMS and the support of the Life Sciences & Healthcare Asia-Pacific Network (LAN), we understand the scientific and commercial as well as the legal imperatives affecting your life sciences & healthcare business. Our experts, many of whom have worked in-house in your sector, have developed a shared capability in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics.

With active memberships in major industry associations such as the ABPI, ABHI, BIVDA, PAGB, EUCOMED and EFPIA, we help shape the legal frameworks impacting the life sciences & healthcare sector. We regularly advise our clients on their day-to-day operational needs such as support with advertisement and promotion of medicine, public sector procurement, pricing and reimbursement, patent enforcement, commercial and clinical trial agreements as well as regulatory advice.

The Life Sciences & Healthcare Team in Hungary has strong sector-specific knowledge and first-hand experience of the market, gained through secondments and working as in-house counsel at Life Sciences & Healthcare companies. The team represents the Hungarian subsidiaries of a number of market-leading companies with a continuously growing number of instructions.

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Picture of Dora Petranyi
Dóra Petrányi
CEE Managing Director, CMNO
Hungary, Budapest
Dóra Petrányi is a partner in the Budapest office and Managing Director of CEE at CMS CMNO. In addition she co-heads the Commercial Practice and heads the Competition, Technology, Media, C...
Picture of Gabriella Ormai
Gabriella Ormai
Head of Commercial, Head of Employment
Hungary, Budapest
Gabriella Ormai is former managing partner (1999-2018) and now Partner at the Budapest office of CMS, co-heading the Commercial practice in Hungary. Her main areas of expertise include: commercial,...
Picture of Eszter Torok
Eszter Török
Of Coun­sel
Hungary, Budapest
Eszter Török is senior counsel at CMS Budapest.  She advises on Corporate/M&A, Banking and Finance, Commercial and Life Sciences and Healthcare departments matters. Eszter started her career at CMS ha...
Agnes Solyom
Ágnes Sólyom
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Hungary, Budapest
Ágnes Sólyom is a senior associate at our CMS Budapest office, who specialises in Intellectual Property and Commercial matters. She has experience in dealing with a wide range of IP (especially c...
Picture of Veronika Kovacs
Veronika Kovács
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Co-ordinator of the CEE Public Procurement Practice, CMNO
Hungary, Budapest
Veronika Kovács is a senior associate in the Commercial Team at CMS Budapest. She is a public procurement specialist and Co-ordinator of the CEE Public Procurement Practice. Veronika has extensive ...
Miriam Fuchs
Miriam Fuchs
Hungary, Budapest
Miriam is an associate in the Lifesciences and Commercial Teams at CMS Budapest. She joined the firm in 2011 after graduating from the Eötvös Loránd University in 2011. She has been involved in va...
Image of Agnes Benko
Ágnes Benkő
Hungary, Budapest
Ágnes Benkő is an Employment Associate in the Commercial department.