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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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VAT Lawyers

As far as VAT issues are concerned, CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni is in the position to provide clients with highly experienced VAT professionals. We provide clients with advice in relation to the specific requirements related to each jurisdiction, the applicable VAT regime for EU trades and more generally on the VAT regulation applicable to all import and export transactions. In addition to this, our tax experts often represent non resident entities before the Tax authorities and in relation to the VAT registration provisions in Italy. We can provide assistance in complex trilateral transactions of goods and services including international parties and in relation  to contract manufacturing and consignment stock.

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Picture of Ascoli Giuseppe
Giuseppe Ascoli
Man­aging Part­ner
Italy, Rome
Giuseppe Ascoli is head of the Tax Department and has been partner since 1980. His professional experience includes advising public and private entities in the areas of business valuations, audits...
Mario Martinelli
Italy, Rome
Mario Martinelli began his collaboration with the Firm in 2019 as Partner in the tax department. He focuses his practice on advising medium and large companies, both Italian and non-Italian resident,...
Picture of Federico Raffaelli
Federico Raffaelli
Italy, Rome
Federico Raffaelli joined the firm in 1997 and became Partner in 2008. He is an expert in national and international tax law and assists blue-chip national and international companies in the...
Picture of Roberto Ascoli
Roberto Ascoli
Italy, Rome
Roberto Ascoli is part of the Tax Law Department and has been Partner since 1977. His areas of specialization include consulting and advising primarily on tax, administrative, corporate and...
Picture of Berardo Lanci
Berardo Lanci
Italy, Rome
Berardo Lanci commenced his collaboration with the Rome Tax Department in 2006.  In 2010 he was seconded at the Paris office of CMS - Bureau Francis Lefebvre. Berardo’s work focuses primarily on the d...
Picture of Guido Zavadini
Guido Zavadini
Italy, Rome
Guido Zavadini joined the Firm in 1994 and became Partner in 2003. His areas of specialisation are primarily in the field of corporate and tax consulting, in the context of direct taxes, indirect...
Picture of Stefano Chirichigno
Stefano Chirichigno
Italy, Rome
Stefano Chirichigno joined the firm as Partner in 2012. He focuses primarily on corporate taxation. His experience also includes VAT and indirect taxes, local and property taxation and taxation of...
Picture of Giovanni Battista Cali
Giovanni Cali
Italy, Rome
Giovanni B. Calì is a partner in the Rome office and is a member of the Tax department. In 1994 he was appointed as partner. He mainly carries out consultancy in the field of tax and corporate ...
Picture of Federico Baridon
Federico Baridon
Italy, Milan
Federico joined the firm as Partner in 2006. He specialises in the field of litigation and the settlement of tax disputes, as well as in matters of national, EU and international taxation. He has...
Picture of Fabrizio Alimandi
Fabrizio Alimandi
Italy, Milan
Fabrizio Alimandi began his collaboration with the Firm in 2007. Working in the Rome office, he provides consulting in relation to Italian direct taxes (IRES/IRAP) and indirect taxes (VAT),...