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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Monégasque Lawyers for Private Clients

As their wealth becomes increasingly internationalised, private clients expect global, cross-cutting solutions that will meet their needs in a given national or trans-border context. 

We are one of Monaco's leading law firms with strong national and international expertise in advising private clients.

Our lawyers and specialised Private Client Team provide services in the fields of family law and the law of persons, estate and succession law, laws on the protection of minors and adults, and settling and living in the Principality of Monaco. We assist our private clients, be they resident in Monaco or abroad, through every life phase from birth to death.

Our team has real technical expertise and experience in private international law and advises our private clients on a daily basis. With this level of expertise, acquired over many years, the team is well equipped to offer solutions to our private clients.

Our team members are much more than just technical experts. They are sensitive to the delicate issues and personal challenges that clients can experience with these types of topics and disputes.

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The picture of Christine Pasquier Ciulla
Christine Pasquier Ciulla
Christine Pasquier Ciulla is the Partner in charge of Private Client team. In her practice area of private international and personal law, she handles prenuptial agreements, changes to matrimonial...
The picture of Justine Mounier
Justine Mounier
Justine Mounier is an Associate within the Private Clients team. After professional experiences in a notary office in France and in a consultancy firm in Monaco, Justine is specialized in family law...
The picture of Fiona Bonadona
Fiona Bonadonna
Fiona Bonadonna is an Manager within the Private Clients team. Having a few years experiences in civil and criminal law, Fiona specialises  in personal, family and private international law. She ...
The picture of Sandra Landais
Sandra Landais
Sandra Landais is Manager within the Private Clients team. With her 10-year experience in Parisian law firms, Sandra is specialized in family law, personal and property law, in inheritance law as...
The picture of Raphaëlle Svara
Raphaëlle Svara
Raphaëlle Svara is a Partner in the Private Clients team. She specialises in family law, private international law and estate planning, and acts for natural persons, family offices and trusts, ...
The picture of Regina Griciuc
Regina Griciuc
Senior Associate
Regina Griciuc is Senior Associate within the Private Clients team. She provides specialized advice to high-profile individuals (HNWI and UHNWI) and institutional clients (banks, family offices,...
The picture of Mona Guezguez
Mona Lagrange Guezguez
Middle Associate
Mona Lagrange Guezguez is an Associate in Private Clients team. She mainly takes care of family issues, inheritance, exequatur and settling in Monaco. She developed her skills on everything related...