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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Innovation & start-ups lawyers

How do you turn a brilliant idea into a successful product or enterprise? And how do you make your innovation successful without putting much time and energy in the legal and tax driven structures, legal traps and the small print?

Meet us, the lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisors of CMS. We provide and develop tailor made legal services for promising young innovative enterprises. In every phase an enterprise finds itself, we provide the best advice. Furthermore, we put our know-how and the extensive worldwide network of CMS at disposal. In this network future clients, business partners, employees and mentors can be found. That helps. In this manner CMS contributes as trusted advisor to your success and innovation in the Netherlands.

We, the CMS Innovation Advocates, co-operate closely in a team and are well attuned to each other. We are experienced and each have a unique specialism. Jointly we service the all legal aspects, from the start up to and including the world wide success: incorporation of the legal entity, protection and maintaining of intellectual property, tax advice, participation by investors, (the first) employees, client and supplier contracts, etcetera.

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Picture of Dolf Segaar
Dolf Segaar
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Dolf Segaar started his legal career as a lawyer with CMS Netherlands in 1989 and became  partner in 1998. He has been a board member since 2003 and was Managing Partner of CMS Netherlands from A...
Picture of Stephanie Dekker
Stephanie Dekker
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Stephanie Dekker is specialised in employment law and data protection and privacy aspects of employment relationships. She advises national and international companies on employee participation,...
Roderick Nieuwmeyer
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Belgium, Brussels
Roderick Nieuwmeyer works as an attorney-at-law (advocaat) in the Competition & EU Practice Group. He is based in the CMS EU Law office in Brussels and the CMS office in Amsterdam. Roderick has ...
Picture of Bob van Zijl
Bob van Zijl
Deputy civil law notary
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Bob van Zijl works as a deputy civil law notary in our firm's Corporate Practice Group. His knowledge and experience focus particularly on company law and the law of artificial persons. His areas of...
Picture of Gilbert Joskin
Gilbert Joskin
Tax Lawyer
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Gilbert Joskin works as a tax lawyer in our Tax Practice Group. Gilbert advises in the areas of company law and corporate and personal income tax and their international aspects. Since his client ...