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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Infrastructure & Project Finance Lawyers

We advise on complex infrastructure and project finance transactions relating to public works and private sector financing in areas such as transport, health, education, waste, energy, defence, telecommunications, leisure, the legal system, ports, railways, highways and the water supply. Moreover, we are able to provide global solutions to clients when executing infrastructure projects from a mainly corporate, financial, regulatory and tax perspective.

With more than 40 years’ experience in project finance, our team forms part of a network of over 200 specialist lawyers providing advice across the globe in the United Kingdom, Central, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, India, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  

We have executed significant transactions in the social, finance and energy sectors, advising on PPP, energy and renewable energy projects (such as European wind farms), as well as guidance on investment in public services and infrastructure, among others.

We advise banks, specialist funds and public and private agents, possessing vast experience in all project phases from the preparation and negotiation of documents to the signing thereof, including other aspects such as the financing or design of the most suitable taxation structures.

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Picture of Abraham Najera
Abraham Nájera
Co-Head of the CMS Banking & Finance Group
Spain, Madrid
Abraham Nájera is a Partner of the Financial Markets & Services department at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo and is Co-head of the CMS Global Banking & Finance Area Group (BAFPAG). Abraham specialises i...
Picture of Rafael Suarez de Lezo
Rafael Suárez de Lezo
Man­aging Part­ner
Spain, Madrid
Rafael Suárez de Lezo is a Managing Partner of CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo, a Partner of the Corporate / M&A department and a member of the CMS Executive Committee. He specialises in the se...
Juan Jose Zabala
Juan José Zabala
Spain, Madrid
Juan José Zabala is a Partner of the Public Law & Regulated Sectors department at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. He is a State Attorney on professional leave of absence who specialises in dispute re...
Maria Guinot
María Guinot
Spain, Madrid
María Guinot Barona is Head of both, the Public Law & Regulated Sectors and Energy departments at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. She is a Senior State Attorney on professional leave and possesses vast...
Picture of Nacho Fernandez Aguado
Juan Ignacio Fernández Aguado
Spain, Madrid
Juan Ignacio Fernández Aguado is a Partner of the Dispute Resolution department at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. He has extensive experience in civil and commercial procedural law, bankruptcy law, ec...
Picture of Javier Torre
Javier Torre de Silva
Spain, Madrid
Javier Torre de Silva has been practising as a lawyer at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo for 23 years, working across several legal disciplines. He currently leads the CMS global telecommunications g...
Picture of Jose Ramon Melendez
José Ramón Meléndez
Spain, Madrid
José Ramón is a Counsel of the Corporate / M&A department at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. He specialises in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and contractual law. He has provided advice on ban...