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Public Procurement Lawyers

Our public procurement department advises public entities on the design and drafting of specifications and contractual documents, as well as providing proactive assistance to companies in relation to the interpretation of rights and obligations and the definition of the best strategy to follow in tenders, using our vast knowledge and experience of the corresponding regulations and case law. 

We advise on the key phase following the conclusion of agreements with regards to disputes linked to their execution, arising from concepts such as contractual amendments, financial rebalancing, unjust enrichment, claims for damages and claims for the payment of outstanding debts. Moreover, our services extend to subsequent appeals before the authorities and courts against actions and decisions.

The multidiscipline composition of our team enables us to understand our clients’ needs in order to maximise their chances of success not only from a public procurement perspective, but also with regards to key regulatory elements such as European Union law and market unity legislation.

With more than 100 lawyers in 68 cities specialising in public procurement, CMS is able to boast a far-reaching and extraordinary capacity in this sector.

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Maria Guinot
María Guinot
Spain, Madrid
María Guinot Barona is Head of both, the Public Law & Regulated Sectors and Energy departments at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. She is a Senior State Attorney on professional leave and possesses vast...
Picture of Javier Torre
Javier Torre de Silva
Spain, Madrid
Javier Torre de Silva has been practising as a lawyer at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo for 23 years, working across several legal disciplines. He currently leads the CMS global telecommunications g...