Risk & Investigations

United Kingdom

Fraud, corruption, tax evasion and money laundering are issues high on the public, political and enforcement agendas around the world. Regulatory and trade bodies’ more stringent restrictions and transparency requirements, as well as improvements in corporate internal controls, have also led to better internal reporting of concerns, generating a new series of challenges in terms of appropriate analysis and investigation of reported issues.

Our Risk & Investigations team of over 400 specialist lawyers across 34 jurisdictions works to safeguard your business and ensure that your organisation can readily demonstrate a consistent and defensible compliance position to regulators, prosecutors, clients and other key stakeholders. Bringing together advisors across the major focus areas for your risk and compliance strategy, including bribery and corruption, money laundering, fraud, competition, sanctions and trade law, data protection and security, environmental, health and safety, and regulatory, we assist in all stages of the compliance lifecycle:

  • reviewing processes, policies, systems and controls across your entire operation;
  • risk management and building effective compliance programmes and corporate cultures;
  • assisting clients with internal investigations following whistle-blowing or the internal detection of irregularities; and
  • managing raids and investigations by the authorities and, where possible, concluding negotiated outcomes.
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