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Whether you are planning a merger as part of your expansion strategy, intend to diversify into new sectors, are looking for new financing opportunities—loans from non-banks or equity investments--or need advice on corporate governance for your company, our experts at CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz in Vienna offer you comprehensive legal advice in which we always take a business-oriented approach.

Individual advice on all areas of corporate law and mergers & acquisitions

Regardless of the size of your company—whether listed or private—as a corporate law/M&A law firm we offer you customised, commercially-oriented and cost-efficient solutions in the following areas:

M&A advisors from various sectors

In the case of expansions, mergers and other corporate transactions, interdisciplinary advice will ensure that you receive solutions that are perfectly fitted to your needs. Our cross-border teams are not only experts in all legal areas relevant to the transaction, but also specialists in the following relevant sectors:

We are sensitive to the industry-specific characteristics of a transaction and can adapt the essential economic questions and risks of the transaction to meet the local requirements for you and address them in the legal documentation.

Corporate Law/M&A law firm - In Europe and worldwide

Our attorneys think beyond their traditional consulting role and help you to secure competitive advantages in order to succeed in a constantly changing business environment. Our international CMS team of over 1000 corporate and M&A attorneys in 42 countries worldwide can assist you both in Europe and around the world.

If you would like further information or a quick insight into M&A terminology, our M&A Glossary, which has already been published in its 6th edition due to the high level of interest, provides a quick overview of a large number of frequently used, relevant terms. We would also be happy to send you a pocket print version of the M&A glossary.

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Get to know our team of corporate law/M&A experts here!

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November 2019
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Our re­cent Law-Now art­icle dis­cussed the FCA, PRA and Bank of Eng­land con­sulta­tions on im­prov­ing fin­an­cial sta­bil­ity in the UK mar­kets through op­er­a­tion­al re­si­li­ence. Con­tinu­ing this theme, but now from...
16 January 2019
Emer­ging Europe M&A Re­port 2018/19
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EU auto in­dustry turns to 'ac­quis­i­tion and hir­ing' to build com­pet­it­ive...
In the mod­ern era, di­git­al­isa­tion is dis­rupt­ing es­tab­lished busi­ness mod­els and the auto­mot­ive in­dustry is no ex­cep­tion. In or­der to stay com­pet­it­ive, auto­makers must ad­apt to the chal­lenges of elec­tric...
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Trans­par­ency Re­gister
24 Oct 19
Busi­ness now feel­ing the ef­fects of GDPR in M&A trans­ac­tions
Auto­mot­ive, health­care and fin­an­cial ser­vices are prime ex­amples of sec­tors that are un­der­go­ing rap­id di­git­al change. This trans­form­a­tion in the di­git­al en­vir­on­ment is caus­ing busi­ness mod­els to be rad­ic­ally...
Emer­ging Europe M&A Re­port 2017/18
31 Jul 19
M&A and GDPR: an­nounced GBP 99 m hotel chain fine high­lights due di­li­gence...
A year since the im­ple­ment­a­tion of the GDPR, de­cisions were handed down in the UK and Ger­many re­veal­ing how the reg­u­la­tion has a dir­ect im­pact on M&A trans­ac­tions. In one rul­ing, the Su­per­vis­ory Au­thor­ity...
October 2017
Trans­par­ency Re­gister
Over­view of For­eign Re­port­ing Re­quire­ments
16 Apr 19
The new EU frame­work for screen­ing for­eign in­vest­ment is now in force
On 10 April 2019, the EU frame­work for screen­ing for­eign dir­ect in­vest­ment (FDI) came in­to force, al­low­ing the European Com­mis­sion and Mem­ber States un­til 11 Oc­to­ber 2020 to put in place mech­an­isms and...
Share­hold­er Act­iv­ism: A European Per­spect­ive
09 Apr 19
EU Par­lia­ment ad­opts dir­ect­ive on pre­vent­ive re­struc­tur­ing
The EU Par­lia­ment ad­op­ted the Dir­ect­ive on fu­ture "Pre­vent­ive Re­struc­tur­ing Frame­works", which cre­ates the basis for uni­form pre­vent­ive re­struc­tur­ing across the European Uni­on and will fun­da­ment­ally change...