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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Dispute Resolution Lawyers

You are looking for a lawyer for dispute resolution? As one of the largest corporate law firms in the world, our legal experts advise you in all areas of dispute resolution - both in Austria and internationally. 

Please find the contact details of our lawyers for dispute resolution in the list below.

You can find further information on our dispute resolution department here.

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Sixtus Kraus
Attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A
Austria, Vienna
Sixtus-Ferdinand Kraus is an attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A and corporate litigation. His practice focuses on corporate law, capital markets law and commercial civil law.Sixtus-Ferdinand Kraus...
Picture of Arno Zimmermann
Arno Zimmermann
Attorney-at-Law for Corporate Law/M&A and Litigation
Austria, Vienna
Arno Zimmermann is an attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A, inheritance law and litigation & arbitration (dispute resolution). He also specialises in directors' liability.Arno Zimmermann has been with...
Klaus Pateter
Attorney-at-law for Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMC), Intellectual Property, Digitization & Start-ups
Austria, Vienna
Klaus Pateter is an attorney-at-law for Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMC), Intellectual Property, Digitization & Start-ups.In addition, he represents clients in court disputes and before authorities,...
Sonja Otenhajmer
Sonja Otenhajmer
Austria, Vienna
Sonja Otenhajmer is a lawyer for litigation and arbitration as well as corporate and commercial law. Her practice focuses on international arbitration.She completed her legal education at the Universities...
Picture of Mariella Kapoun
Mariella Kapoun
Attorney-at-law for real estate law
Austria, Vienna
Mariella Kapoun’s is an attorney-at-law specializing in real estate and construction law, hotels and leisure industry as well as litigation and arbitration. In particular, she advises national and international...
Picture of Döne Yalçın
Döne Yalçın
Managing Partner Turkey
Turkey, Istanbul
Austria, Vienna
Dr. Döne Yalçın is Managing Partner of CMS Turkey and admitted to the bar in Turkey and Austria. She advises clients on a wide range of corporate and commercial legal issues. With extensive advisory...