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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Private Equity Lawyers

As a private equity fund, investor or management team, you may face the daily pressures of valuations, performance, exit strategies and regulations whether you are active in Italy or abroad. A first-rate private equity strategy can support you in obtaining maximum value from your portfolio, wherever you are planning to invest. CMS is structured around your business sectors and those of your targets. This means we can advise you throughout all stages of  the fund lifecycle, from the formation and administration stage to the making of investments, portfolio monitoring and exiting, providing your business with tailored support.

Even if your deals are executed according to tight deadlines and complex regulatory constraints, our multi-disciplinary specialist teams across all CMS countries will respond quickly, whatever the size and complexity of your transaction. Our Italian team includes antitrust, tax, employment, banking, commercial and dispute resolution  professionals who can also assist in the protection and growth of your funds and investments. Whether your deal is in the upper or mid-private equity or venture market, our specialist local lawyers, together with the strong international CMS team, can guide you towards the best business outcome in Italy and across multiple jurisdictions.

Le operazioni sono realizzate con tempistiche ristrette e soggette a complessi vincoli regolamentari. I vari team di CMS specializzati in diversi settori e dislocati nei vari Paesi del mondo potranno inoltre darvi un tempestivo supporto, indipendentemente dalla portata e dalla complessità dell’operazione. Il team italiano è composto da professionisti specializzati nella regolamentazione del risparmio gestito, cui si affiancano gli esperti in anti-trust, tax, diritto del lavoro, bancario, commerciale e nel contenzioso che possono intervenire nella gestione e nello sviluppo dei vostri fondi d’investimento. Sia che operiate nel settore del mid o upper private equity o in quello del venture capital, i nostri legali, in sinergia con il team di CMS, possono guidarvi verso il successo del vostro business qualunque sia il mercato di riferimento.

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Picture of Marco Casasole
Marco Casasole
Italy, Rome
Marco was appointed partner in 2003. Marco has spent a period on secondment at CMS Cameron McKenna in London. His areas of specialization include corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, real estate...
Picture of Paolo Bonolis
Paolo Bonolis
Italy, Rome
Paolo Bonolis has been the head of the Banking and Financial Law Department since 2005. His professional activities and experience includes advising some of the top Italian and foreign banks and...
Picture of Danilo Festeggiato
Danilo Festeggiato
Italy, Rome
Danilo Festeggiato began his collaboration with the Firm in 2007 in the Banking & Finance Department. Danilo Festeggiato has gained considerable experience in assisting major Italian and...
Picture of Emanuela Di Muzio
Emanuela DiMuzio
Italy, Rome
Emanuela Di Muzio joined the Rome office of the Firm in 2010. Emanuela Di Muzio advises banks, international groups and venture capital and private equity funds in financing transactions, in setting...