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As local and international tax regulations become more prescriptive, dealing with them in a cross-border context may present you with significant challenges. The number and complexity of tax investigations conducted by authorities, both in Italy and abroad, is rapidly escalating and the need for tax assistance is rising accordingly. Our preeminent Italian team, together with CMS’ group, which counts over 350 professionals, provide tailored counseling for your business.

We aim for long term economic success for you. Our team offers far sighted solutions and aims to help you develop robust structures that maximise tax effectiveness in alignment with your commercial strategy.

Whether you are a financial institution, a multinational, a local Italian company, a fund or an investor, we understand your business and the tax pressures you may face. Our teams work together in Italy and beyond, in key areas affecting your business. Our experience includes assisting in the whole spectrum of tax related issues including VAT, international taxation, transfer pricing, e-commerce, M&A and investment funds, tax planning and financing. Our experts can help you manage tax control cases and deal with Italian tax authorities as well as managing tax litigation cases. The right tax advice can make a material difference to transaction costs and, in some cases, avert serious consequences. Out Italian team can assist you in complex transactions analyzing issues from every angle in order to find the best possible solution for you.  

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    Corporate Tax Law

    The activities which CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni carries out with respect to tax issues involving companies, include but are not limited to, national and international tax provisions and all fiscal issues related to a wide variety of company operations performed in Italy and abroad.

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    International Tax Planning

    Our tax team has acquired a significant experience in advising in relation to the income deriving from international transactions including the activity carried by Italian companies wishing to expand their activities abroad and foreign investors looking into investing in Italy.

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    Tax Litigation

    CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni’s litigation team, assists and represents its client in the various procedures contemplated by the existing legislation in order to solve controversies between tax authorities and taxpayers as well as in tax litigation procedures.

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    Taxation of Individuals

    Our team’s activity focuses on an in-depth analysis of all fiscal issues which involve individuals and, more generally, in the assessment of the level of direct taxation for individuals both if resident in Italy or not.

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    Transfer Pricing

    Our transfer pricing experience is far reaching. CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni has advised on a number of negotiations involving issues concerning the determination of intra-group prices, and more generally, for cross border transactions. 

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    As far as VAT issues are concerned, CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni is in the position to provide clients with highly experienced VAT professionals.

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    CMS: Itali­an Tax de­part­ment grows with the ar­rival...
    Italy ap­proves the fi­nal pro­vi­sions on the sub­ject of so-called fisc­al...
    Law No. 136 of 17 Decem­ber 2018 (here­in­after the “Con­ver­sion Law”), which con­ver­ted De­cree Law No. 119 of 23 Oc­to­ber 2018 (here­in­after the “De­cree Law”), con­tain­ing, among oth­er things, meas­ures on the sub­ject of so-called fisc­al pa­ci­fic­a­tion, thus fi­nal­iz­ing.
    Italy ap­proves the fi­nal pro­vi­sions on the sub­ject...
    VAT re­gime of trans­fer pri­cing year-end ad­just­ments
    The trans­fer pri­cing policies ad­op­ted by mul­tina­tion­al groups may re­quire com­pan­ies in­volved in in­tra­group trans­ac­tions to re­vise their prices at the end of the year in or­der to bring them in­to line with the “arm’s-length prin­ciple”.
    Italy Moves To­ward Crypto Tax Cer­tainty
    CMS - Fo­cus­ing on Funds - Tough­er Tax Rules for Ger­man Real Es­tate
    This Fo­cus­sing on Funds up­date looks at the con­tinu­ing hot top­ic of how tax changes af­fect fund struc­tures and deals. Fol­low­ing our pre­vi­ous look at the France and Lux­em­bourg double tax treaty, the fo­cus be­low is on Ger­man real es­tate.
    Mis­ure in tema di co­sid­detta “pa­ci­ficazione fisc­ale”...
    Crypto­cur­rency tax­a­tion in Italy
    The mar­ket up­take for crypto­cur­ren­cies, al­tern­at­ive cur­ren­cies to tra­di­tion­al leg­al tender is­sued by a mon­et­ary Au­thor­ity, is a glob­al phe­nomen­on that does not be­long to a spe­cif­ic ter­rit­ory and puts strong de­mands on the res­ist­ance ca­pa­city not only of tax.
    "De­creto dig­nità" - Novità in ma­ter­ia fisc­ale
    CMS Tax News­let­ter | 1° agosto 2018
    Changes in the works for real es­tate trans­fer tax in share deals
    At the 21 June 2018 Ber­lin meet­ing of fin­ance min­is­ters of Ger­many's fed­er­al states, dis­cus­sions around ap­ply­ing the real es­tate trans­fer tax to share deals entered a new phase. The fin­ance min­is­ters agreed to the fol­low­ing meas­ures: Cre­ation of a new.
    CMS and Bon­el­liErede in the ac­quis­i­tion of Cuki by...
    BEPS: UK rat­i­fies the OECD Mul­ti­lat­er­al In­stru­ment
    The Double Tax­a­tion Re­lief (Base Erosion and Profit Shift­ing) Or­der 2018 has been ap­proved by the House of Com­mons on 23 May 2018 (the “Or­der”) (full text avail­able here). The Or­der rat­i­fies the OECD’s Mul­ti­lat­er­al Con­ven­tion to Im­ple­ment Tax Treaty Re­lated.