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Succession & Estate planning Monégasque lawyers

This specialised team assists private clients with their assets during every phase of their lives including later in life when planning their succession.

Succession and estate planning involves helping clients plan ahead and optimise international successions in terms of both civil law and taxation.

We provide the technical skills that this requires, allowing the client to take the necessary action during his lifetime. We draft the will and anticipate any potential legal obstacles well in advance so as to overcome them in the client's best interests.

Monaco's international clientele requires technical skills in private international law. Drafting a will for someone who owns real estate and moveable assets in several countries means regularly reviewing the possibility that foreign law could apply and verifying the effects of those laws.

Our team is truly international, with training in foreign jurisdictions, fluency in many working languages and close contacts with legal specialists overseas. We leverage all of these assets to fulfil our commitments to our clients.

We also assist clients by reviewing their succession planning whenever a major life event occurs. Succession planning should always be reviewed in the event of divorce, the birth of a new family member or a significant change in the client’s wealth situation. 

We also keep our clients informed of any legislative changes that affect their succession planning, as for example when Monaco recently adopted a Code of Private International Law, which contains new provisions that give clients more scope to achieve their succession planning goals.

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