Broad horizons

Whilst our profession often revolves around details and accuracy, having a far-reaching view is nevertheless advantageous in an international law firm, as we think and work in larger structures.

The global dimension of our work is signified by our large mandates, transnational structures and international teams. Our local offices allow us to possess in-depth knowledge of individual jurisdictions. At the same time, the CMS network offers a global view and worldwide resources.

But even from a professional perspective we rely on wide horizons: in order to adequately assist our clients in all questions concerning commercial law, we have consciously opted for a comprehensive range of services – from Banking and Finance all the way to Technology, Media and Telecoms, on a national, international as well interdisciplinary level.

Working with CMS gives you a unique insight into top mandates stemming from all areas of commercial law and the opportunity to become acquainted with new people, legal systems and issues.

A combination of a highly modern and central workplace in the heart of Podgorica, as well as a professional support team and the international framework of the CMS Group, makes us a very attractive employer for ambitious young lawyers.