CMS Guide to Labour Law in Central and Eastern Europe 2014


The CMS Guide to Labour Law in Central Eastern Europe 2014 has just been published. It has been designed as a tool for companies dealing with questions of labour law in various European jurisdictions. The European Union, its enlargements during the past years and the consolidation of the European market have opened up expansion opportunities for many companies. The decision which countries to expand to is also based on the respective labour law regulations, which are without a doubt one of the key factors in the selection of new company locations. 

Please get in touch with Rupert Hartzhauser to request a copy of the Study, or speak to one of our experts. We can slice and dice the data to make the findings of our analysis highly relevant to your own M&A situation.


Picture of Bernhard Hainz
Bernhard Hainz
Picture of Marie Schweizer
Marie-Stephanie Schweizer