Overview of Tax Reforms in CEE 2015 - 2017

Tax systems across the world could be simple if they were composed to raise revenue only. Taxpayers expect their tax systems to be fair, efficient, and enforceable. Taxes are also expected to promote prosperity, entrepreneurship, social justice, and responsibility. While trying to achieve the above, the makers of tax systems have to consider all macro and micro trends, economic crisis and booms, general potentials and opportunities. As a result, tax systems are reformed often and get more sophisticated by each reform. 

CMS brings you an overview of CEE tax reforms that took place between 2015 and 2017.

Overview of Tax Reforms in CEE 2015 - 2017
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Alexander Rangelov
Alexander Rangelov
Senior Associate
Andrei Tercu
Andrei Tercu
Picture of Andrzej Posniak
Andrzej Pośniak
Picture of Anna Pogrebna
Anna Pogrebna
Picture of Eszter Kalman
Eszter Kálmán
Senior Counsel and Head of Tax
Picture of Indir Osmic
Indir Osmić
Picture of Ivan Kranjec
Ivan Kranjec
Tax expert
Picture of Ivana Blagojević
Ivana Blagojević
Senior Tax Lawyer
Picture of Nebojsa Pejin
Nebojša Pejin
Picture of Olexander Martinenko
Olexander Martinenko
Senior Partner
Picture of Roxana Popel
Roxana Popel
Head of Tax, Romania
Picture of Sibylle Novak
Sibylle Novak
Picture of Tamara Jelic-Kazic
Tamara Jelić Kazić
Picture of Andriy Sydorenko
Andriy Sydorenko
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