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Transfer pricing and business and asset valuation


Transfer pricing and business and asset valuation are key challenges for taxation. The multi-sector experience of our team of economists and tax specialists will provide solutions that are perfectly matched to your specific needs in these areas.

Transfer pricing is at the forefront of international taxation matters, as demonstrated by the BEPS project: the rules in this area are becoming increasingly complex, documentary and reporting requirements increasingly numerous and associated penalties increasingly strict, making this a key issue for managing the tax affairs of your company. Our team can help you think about strategic planning that meets the needs of your operational structure and transfer pricing policy, by conducting audits and preparing documentation to ensure that your intra-group transactions are conducted at arm’s-length prices (carrying out benchmark studies or even financial valuations) or that you are up to date with your reporting requirements. More generally, we can help you with transfer pricing inspections by the authorities or with negotiation procedures, such as prior transfer pricing agreements, for example.

The valuation of a business or its assets is crucial to transfer and restructuring operations. These days, the valuation of intangible assets, which often make up the principal value of a company, has major tax implications. Using economic and financial analysis techniques that are in keeping with the recommendations of the tax authorities and in line with the approaches adopted by practitioners, our team can play a consultancy role for any company reorganisation, by valuing securities, intangible assets or optional instruments, or for any family-related matters. We can also act in any pre-litigation or litigation with the authorities.

Drawing upon their significant experience, our experts have worked with major groups and SMEs in sectors as diverse as automobiles, large-scale distribution, aeronautics, textiles, pharmaceuticals and consultancy, to name but a few. Through our CMS network, which has a presence in more than 40 countries, backed up by a network of “best friends” located all over the world, we can provide cutting-edge expertise at a local level, regardless of the sector.
Our specialists are also involved in the way international taxation is evolving in the field of transfer pricing and valuation, taking an active role in organisations such as the European Union’s Joint Transfer Pricing Forum, contributing regularly to the work of the OECD and publishing their thinking in leading journals such as Wolters Kluwer, Bloomberg BNA, etc.

Whatever the help you need, our experts can offer you the best solutions.

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