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Transport Law


The mounting volume of European legislation in the area of transport is creating a new dimension for governments, shippers and carriers. Return logistics is becoming increasingly important for the manufacturers. Matters such as the international transport of drivers and further-reaching and more specific environmental regulations (noise, emissions, working conditions) demand new solutions to existing problems. The onward march of globalization, in combination with new means of communication, consolidation and the specialization of the various participants is making transport law ever more complex. In addition, more attention is being focused on tackling crime and risk control in transport.

Within this context, CMS advises carriers, clients and insurers on transport law, both at a national and international level. Naturally we can assist you with contracts, varying from a simple transport agreement to drawing up a worldwide logistics system with several modalities (sea, air, road and rail transport). We can also assist you in conducting proceedings and arbitration on freight claims and logistics contracts, including their termination.

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June 2019
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