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Public Procurement Lawyers

The quality of public services is increasingly determined by skilled public procurement management. Your business and any real estate developments, joint ventures, restructuring or sale programmes cannot function without a deep understanding of how procurement regulates your plans. As a contracting authority or a bidder in local, EU and international procurement procedures, you can benefit from legal advisors with extensive experience on both sides of the process.

We can guide you through complex infrastructure, transport and IT projects, not only in the public sector but also concerning utilities such as electricity, gas and airports. We can also represent you in procurement-related disputes and litigation.

With over 100 public procurement specialists in 36 cities worldwide, CMS has an outstanding reach and capacity for public procurement. We can support your response to public tender procedures in numerous countries simultaneously. Additionally, our specialists have longstanding sector-expertise across core industries including infrastructure, lifesciences/healthcare, transport and TMC. This approach means we can resolve your complex public tender issues, including formation and building of bidding consortia, protection of confidential information, anti-trust matters, evaluations, specific rules around framework agreements, concession contracts and complex public/private partnership (PPP) projects. You can also seek our advice on aspects of procurement law relating to area development.

If you need to draw up a tender in a legally correct form or formulate a tendering and purchasing policy, you can count on our expert advice and assistance. Further, we can assist regarding feedback and debriefing and how to approach different regulated tender procedures.

We also conduct proceedings, including emergency proceedings, in tender disputes before the Board of Arbitration (Raad van Arbitrage) and in the civil courts, as well as the Commission of Procurement experts (Commissie van Aanbestedingsexperts).

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Picture of Petra Heemskerk
Petra Heemskerk
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Petra Heemskerk is a lawyer in our Real Estate & Construction Practice Group. She has broad experience in European Law and Procurement Law. In addition, she is the lead partner of the mobility...
Olav de Wit
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Olav is a member of the Real Estate & Construction practice group of our firm. He is active in construction and procurement law. Olav represents and advises both contracting authorities and tendering...
Picture of Jildau Yilmaz
Jildau Yilmaz
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Jildau Yilmaz is since 2010 a lawyer within the Real Estate and Construction Practice Group. Jildau specializes in construction law and public procurement law. Her practice encompasses litigation,...
Picture of Michelle van den Brink
Michelle van den Brink
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Michelle van den Brink is an attorney in the Real Estate & Construction Practice Group at CMS, where she specialises in procurement law and construction law. Her work includes advising on legal...
Katrien van Gisbergen
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Katrien van Gisbergen is a lawyer in the Real Estate & Construction Practice Group of our firm. She advises investors, retailers, project developers and public authorities, with a focus on lease law...
Picture of Annemieke Hazelhoff
Annemieke Hazelhoff
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Annemieke Hazelhoff is a lawyer in the Competition & EU Practice Area Group. She shares her time between the CMS EU Law office in Brussels and the CMS office in Amsterdam. The Brussels office works...
Picture of Eline Brenders
Eline Brenders
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Eline Brenders is advocaat (lawyer) in our Real Estate & Construction Practice Group. She specializes in public procurement law and construction law. Eline represents and advises both contracting...
Picture of Maartje Speksnijder
Maartje Speksnijder
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Maartje Speksnijder is a lawyer in our Real Estate & Construction Practice Group and specialises in public procurement law and construction law. Maartje represents and advises contracting...