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Corporate Tax Lawyers

Tax aspects relating to such matters as mergers and takeovers, private equity, employee participation plans and structured finance, form an important part of corporate tax law.

In the event of a merger, takeover or private equity transaction, CMS will determine and develop the structure that is appropriate for your needs. This will help you to avoid unnecessary tax payments and achieve an extra tax advantage if possible. In addition, we perform due diligence studies into targets for tax purposes, identifying and listing the tax risks for you. You can call on us too for advice on the legal aspects of setting up investment funds. We also write or assess the tax elements of prospectuses.

With an employee participation plan you can have your employees share the financial results of your business, but there are several tax aspects involved in this. We can advise you on the structure and form of the employee participation plan, such as participation by means of shares, depositary receipts, options or SARs. Furthermore, we conduct the negotiations with the tax authorities on the tax consequences of implementing the employee participation plan.

We can also provide you with sound advice in respect of structured finance, our aim being to achieve the highest possible tax efficiency for the parties involved. Examples of these types of transactions are tax leases, purchase and sale of profit-earning capacity for tax purposes, hybrid financing and tax-transparent entities.

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Picture of Herman Boersen
Herman Boersen
Tax Lawyer
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Herman Boersen is a tax lawyer and is head of the Tax Practice Group. He holds a degree in tax law (University of Tilburg) and is member of the Dutch Tax Lawyer's Association. He specialises in...
Picture of Gilbert Joskin
Gilbert Joskin
Tax Lawyer
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Gilbert Joskin works as a tax lawyer in our Tax Practice Group. Gilbert advises in the areas of company law and corporate and personal income tax and their international aspects. Since his client ...
Jarrik Haust
Jarrik Haust
Tax Lawyer
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Jarrik Haust works as a tax lawyer in our Tax Practice Group. Jarrik focuses on direct tax, including corporate income tax, dividend withholding tax and personal income tax. He assists businesses on...
Alice van Vught
Tax Lawyer
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Elisabeth (Alice) van Vught is a Tax Lawyer in the Tax Practice Group of our firm. She has more than ten years of work experience as a Tax Lawyer/ Attorney-at-Law in the Netherlands and abroad...