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Sound tax advice is absolutely essential where international mergers and takeovers, private equity, international tax planning and transfer pricing are concerned.

By devising and developing the right legal structure, unnecessary tax bills can be avoided in an international merger, takeover or private equity transaction. Extra tax advantages can also be achieved wherever possible. Not only does Dutch taxation need to be taken into account, but taxation in other countries too. CMS has detailed knowledge and wide experience in this area. In addition, our tax specialists carry out due diligence studies for tax purposes into Dutch targets, identifying and listing the tax risks involved. We can also advise you on the tax aspects of setting up investment funds. Our work also includes writing or assessing the tax elements of prospectuses.

When optimizing your international tax position, the aim of our advice is always to minimize the total tax burden of the international group, within workable parameters. Advice on setting up international holding, financing and royalty structures also plays an important role here.

The tax authorities require international companies to have a firm basis supporting the way in which they allocate turnover and costs to subsidiaries in the various countries (transfer pricing system). Together with our partners in the international CMS organisation, we provide advice on transfer pricing and assist you in your negotiations with the tax authorities, both at home and abroad.

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