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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Capital Markets Lawyers

The capital market team is made up of lawyers specializing in regulation and in transnational legal matters. Our experience in the scope of the capital market includes the following:    

  • Advising on matters related to public and private securities offerings, including local bond and commercial papers offerings, international bonds for different sector companies, securitizations and, in general, structured products, TOBs and PTOs.
  • Assist customers in operations during the placement processes, auctions; provide advice prior to the sale of products with institutional investors, bringing our important knowledge of the regulation applicable to the PFAs.    
  • Advising and accompanying clients during transactions in centralized mechanisms, including advice on operational and tax issues and on the relationship with the agent companies, CAVALI, the Stock Exchange and SMV (Superintendency of Securities Markets). 
  • General counseling to listed companies and regulated companies, including advice on capital increases, periodic reporting obligations, internal conduct standards, significant developments, privileged information, financial reporting preparation, and compliance in general. 
  • Provide advisory service to obtain organization and operational licenses for companies under SMV regulation, such as brokerages and fund administrators and advising on the listing of shares of companies under the regular procedure and for junior companies.
  • Supervisory and sanctioning procedures and administrative litigation processes and related judicial processes in general.

In the last few years we have advised domestic and foreign financial institutions, international agencies, investment funds, private and public investors, domestic and foreign companies, and the Peruvian government; something that has allowed us to gain experience from different perspectives of the transaction.

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Language spoken

Picture of Diego Peschiera
Diego Peschiera
Peru, Lima
Diego Peschiera specializes in banking law, financial and capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, as well as in corporate finance and project finance. He has broad experience leading local and...
Picture of Sergio Oquendo
Sergio Oquendo
Peru, Lima
Transactional and financial attorney specialized in lending, project development and finance, capital markets, corporate acquisitions and international and cross-border transactions. He has...