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International Arbitration Lawyers

The Conflict Prevention and Resolution practice of CMS Grau has a sub-area of arbitration with extensive experience in national and international commercial arbitration, State contracting arbitration, and investment arbitration.

Our services are provided from the stage prior to the start of the arbitration process, including negotiation or possible procedures of direct negotiation, mediation or conciliation. Our counsel also covers the formalities of the arbitration process, including the appointment of arbitrators regarding the subject matter, complexity and scope of the process; preparation of briefs, attendance at hearings, preparation for declarations of parties and / or witnesses, as well as direct coordination with arbitration officers, until the conclusion of the process.

Our services bring a high degree of specialization given the experience of our lawyers gathered by regularly participating as arbitrators, and also presiding in the various arbitral tribunals. This allows us to anticipate the possible stances and positions that could be assumed by the arbitrators in order to resolve the controversies.

It is fundamental for CMS Grau that our professional experience is supported by academic growth, reason why our lawyers constantly participate in academic events, are postgraduate professors in prestigious universities, have specialization in commercial and international investment arbitration, are coaches of prestigious universities for international arbitration competitions and constantly publish articles on arbitration matters in recognized legal journals. 

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Picture of Michelle Barclay
Michelle Barclay
Peru, Lima
Michelle Barclay joined CMS Grau as a Partner on January 2013. She specializes in investment projects and infrastructure, public-private associations, international investment arbitration, mergers...