CEE Property Today (Issue 3)


We are delighted to welcome you to the third edition of our real estate focused publication "CEE Property Today" in which we look at some of the legal trends and developments that affect the property sector in key Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets.

The real estate market has enjoyed significant activity across CEE over the past few months following successful realisation of promising projects by key market players. Poland and the Czech Republic remain the strongest markets in the region, with a positive outlook for Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Central and Eastern Europe continues to offer solid prospects for further investments in the sector, particularly across logistics and retail.

In addition to fast moving market conditions, legislative developments continue to play an important role in the region. CEE Property Today highlights some of the key legal issues that have shaped the real estate sector in the past year and that continue to be very relevant going forward.

Some of the legislative developments, particularly those related to new Civil Code regulation, have resulted in changes in asset management strategies deployed by landlords. Other changes imposed by governments put more pressure on sellers’ liability in disposing of assets. There also are on-going discussions on non-nationals acquiring agricultural land which continues to be a challenge for those seeking to expand their business in selected CEE countries.

We trust that these and other topics that we look at in this year’s edition are of interest to you. Please do get in touch if you would like to receive more information on any of these topics or on any other legal issues affecting your business in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Jenia Dimitrova
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Anna Brzoza-Ostrowska
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Wojciech Koczara
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Dimitar Dimitrov
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