The Auto­mot­ive In­dustry Re­port 2017/18

2 August 2017

The automotive sector is continually looking to the future in a bid to address tomorrow’s challenges and find new ways to provide safe, clean, innovative and affordable mobility. The Automotive Industry Report 2017/2018, published by the Polish Automotive Industry Association and co-authored by, among others, CMS takes a look at some of the key areas affecting the future of the sector. Our cross-practice team consider some of the legal issues across Poland the CEE:

Protecting business secrets – Marek Oleksyn, legal counsel, and Karina Zielińska, advocate, CMS new technology and intellectual property team

Changes to the EU trademark protection system – Aleksandra Kuźnicka-Cholewa, legal counsel, and Adriana Zdanowicz-Leśniak, lawyer, CMS new technology and intellectual property team

Out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes – Katarzyna Kucharczyk, legal counsel, and Aleksander Woźniak, associate, CMS dispute resolution team

Private actions for competition damages – Michał Derdak, legal counsel, and Izabela Biernat, advocate, CMS competition team.

To read the publication in full, please download below.

Automotive Industry Report 201/18
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Picture of Tomasz Koryzma
Tomasz Koryzma
Picture of Marek Oleksyn
Marek Oleksyn
Picture of Katarzyna Kucharczyk
Katarzyna Kucharczyk
Michal Derdak
Michal Derdak
Senior Associate
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