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Real Estate & Construction


We render legal advice on the development of real estate and urban projects comprising the study of property titles, designing and structuring of contractual, tax and financial aspects of the project; likewise on the drafting and negotiation of construction contracts referred to surface, usufruct, leasing, purchase, option, concession and administration and guaranty trusts. We have a specialized cross-disciplinary team of engineers, geographers and community coordinators with extensive experience on negotiation, acquisition and comprehensive restructuring of real estate properties.

CMS Grau´s Real Estate legal team participate in advising companies dedicated to the development of hydroelectric, mining, hydrocarbon, agricultural, infrastructure and real-estate projects. Due to the needs of our clients, we search and identify lands for its purchase, rural and urban real estate property rights title studies, negotiation and acquisition of lands and its physical-legal diagnosis and restructuring when applicable. As part of real estate property research, we have identified lands for agricultural purposes, with optimal conditions for housing and a variety of investments projects. We also have vast experience on the elaboration of title studies aiming to identify property ownership and assessments that affects the areas of interest of our clients; possible land overlapping and conflicts that may affect the properties of interest.

We have developed large scale of property rights studies for all kinds of projects such as highway construction, agricultural, hydroelectric, Aeolian plants, mining, and tube installation, among others. In some cases our advice comprises the identification of different possessors occupying the land. In addition, our team has vast experience on the study of urban land rights for the implementation of commercial and housing projects including the analysis of all legal permits to carry on the Project.

As part of the negotiation and land purchase, we have participated in the acquisition of different rural land (private and communal); in the negotiation of easement rights for the installation of electric transmission lines and transportation tubes as well as in the acquisition of property and easement rights regarding state-owned lands.

CMS Grau has participated in the physical and legal restructuring of real estate properties.  We have vast experience on land rectification, topographic mapping and survey, ad hoc cadasters, the approval of proceedings for urban enablement, land use modifications and registration of lands records at the Public Registry, acquisitive prescription proceedings from domain and replacement titles, elaboration of land restructuring strategies, among others.  Furthermore, CMS Grau has participated in different due diligences that allowed the acquisition of assets and shares of mining and retail related companies.

For the construction of  buildings, our team is comprised of skilled professionals in negotiating and drafting construction contracts, supply contracts and operation contracts, evaluating and recommending the type of contract as well as the recruitment system that best suits the project´s and client´s necessities.

We stay close to our client during the whole execution of the project, solving any questions that may rise from the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and the applicable regulation. It is worth to highlight our expertise in dispute resolutions related to the execution of the project and consulting services.

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