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In today’s globalised environment, tax regulation is becoming more and more complex from both a domestic and international perspective, especially when considering the continuous amendments being made to domestic legislation in order to adapt to international law requirements. Such complexity poses a significant challenge to individuals and enterprises in view of the need to remain up-to-date with the tax regulation affecting their activities.

The numerous tax authorities are progressively doing more to prevent fraud in their territories and increase collaboration between jurisdictions via the exchange of information, thus reinforcing the need for lawyers with a comprehensive grasp of tax regulation. The CMS network employs 350 tax professionals with vast knowledge of both domestic and international tax law, comprising a multinational specialist organisation covering all tax-related aspects.

Such level of organisation enables us to provide comprehensive advice to clients on the application of the regulatory norms of different taxes and the procedures to follow in order to comply with tax obligations, not forgetting, of course, the possibility of challenging the tax authorities when considering their actions to have breached legal provisions.

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