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Sofia Rebelo Ladeira


CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut
Rua Sousa Martins 10
1050-218 Lisbon
Languages Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German

Particularly active in Antitrust and EU Law, with a particular focus on cartels, litigation, abuse of dominant position, distribution and implementation of antitrust compliance programs and state aids in a wide range of industries, including retailing, tourism and transports.

Sofia has also been active in Intellectual Property Law, notably by way of the European and International protection of trademarks, International and European patent protection, protection of know-how and trade secrets, computer programs, copyright law and unfair competition. Sofia has also been active in other areas of law, such as publicity and consumption law, personal data protection law and business law in several industries like fashion, tobacco and alcohol, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and technology.

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Relevant experience

  • February to July 2013 – Trainee Lawyer in International Law and Commercial Law, Neville de Rougemont & Associados
  • September 2013 to April 2014 – Legal consultant in Intellectual Property Law, Communication Law and Publicity Law, Sylvie Fontloup, Consulting in Communication, Société d'exercice libéral à responsabilité limitée.
  • May to October 2014 – Legal consultant in European and International Business Law and Competition Law, Tarkett, S.A.
  • June to November 2015 – Legal consultant in Intellectual Property Law, Partenaires PI, Trademark and Patent Lawyers,  Société d'exercice libéral à responsabilité limitée. 
  • November 2015 to March 2016 –Lawyer, Mr. Diogo Silva Cunha office.
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  • 2011, Graduate in Law, Law Faculty, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.
  • 2012, Post Graduate in Intellectual Property Law , Faculty of Law, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.
  • 2013, Post Graduate in Law and Management, Novaforum – Faculty of Law and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.
  • 2014, LLM in French, European and International Law, Faculty of Law, Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Paris, França.
  • 2015, Masters in Intellectual Property Law, Centre Internacional d’Études Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle, Université Robert Schumann Strasburg, France.
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  • Enrolled in the Portuguese Bar Association since 2014
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Lectures list

  • Associations: Association des amis du centre d'études internationales de la propriété intellectuelle;
  • Publications: 2015- Master’s thesis "A Competition Law Analysis of Standard Essential Patents: The Essential Facilities Doctrine", director: Franck Macrez, Professor and PhD
  • 2014/2015 Participation Report in EIPIN 2014/2015: "Permitting Transformative Use under Copyright Law: The Case of Parody as Innovation". 
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New Com­pet­i­tion Law in An­gola brings much needed re­forms
On 10 May 2018, the first Com­pet­i­tion Law of An­gola, Law no. 5/18 was en­acted with the goal of cre­at­ing a "mar­ket eco­nomy based on fair com­pet­i­tion, mor­al­ity, and eth­ics. " The new law cre­ates a Com­pet­i­tion Reg­u­lat­ory Au­thor­ity (ARC), which will be autonom­ous.