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Minimum requirements for the protection of employees exposed to electromagnetic fields during work

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By means of Law no. 64/2017, of August 7, the minimum requirements for the protection of employees against the risks to safety and health to which they are (or may be) subject due to exposure to electromagnetic fields at work.

Through the aforementioned law, Directive 2013/3 /EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2013 is at last transposed.

The limit values for exposure to electromagnetic fields for employees are, thus, defined in concrete, with the legal diploma focusing exclusively in the short-term effects.

Here are the main duties that companies will be obligated from now on:

  • Rigorous assessment of the existence of exposure and, if so, of the levels of exposure, in the concrete terms established in this legal diploma;
  • Reduction of the exposure limit values, if exceeded;
  • Adoption of preventive surveillance measures;
  • Special information requirements for employees and their representatives for safety and health at work - if there is exposure; what are the levels of exposure; if there is a direct affectation of the employees; to what extent and with what consequences;
  • Registration and maintenance of documents related to risk assessment, exposed employees and the surveillance results, among other elements.

The violation of the various rules contained in this law, depending on the case, constitutes serious or very serious misdemeanor.

This diploma will come into force on the 1st of September 2017.


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