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Dr Thomas Heidemann
October 2018
First edi­tion of the Re­new­able En­ergy Law Re­view pub­lished
24 Oct 18
We­bin­ar: Mer­ger Con­trol and Com­pet­i­tion Law in M&A...
Chin­a's courts pass con­tro­ver­sial rul­ings on open-source li­cen­cing
In a re­cent de­cision that could have leg­al im­plic­a­tions on the use of open-source soft­ware in China, the Beijing In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­erty Court (BIPC) used a con­tro­ver­sial test to de­term­ine wheth­er soft­ware de­veloper YouZi in­fringed on copy­right or simply ex­ploited.
CMS Rus­sia has ad­vised Ovoca Bio Plc on IVIX ac­quis­i­tion
Rus­sia ex­pands policies to im­prove its busi­ness cli­mate
Fur­ther to the Rus­si­an gov­ern­ment’s meas­ures to stream­line the pro­cess of re­gis­ter­ing a busi­ness in Rus­sia and im­prove cor­por­ate gov­ernance, the Min­istry of Eco­nom­ic De­vel­op­ment is­sued an or­der* that ap­proved 36 mod­el charters for lim­ited li­ab­il­ity com­pan­ies.
Sep 2018
CMS European M&A Out­look
Scan­ning the ho­ri­zon: European M&A Out­look 2018
Rus­sia in­creases re­tire­ment age and passes law against age dis­crim­in­a­tion...
The Rus­si­an Pres­id­ent has signed le­gis­la­tion that raises* the re­tire­ment age in Rus­sia and in­tro­duces* crim­in­al li­ab­il­ity for un­reas­on­ably re­fus­ing to hire a per­son of pre-re­tire­ment age or un­reas­on­ably dis­miss­ing such a per­son.
CMS ad­vises Gilead Sci­ences on its agree­ment with Pharm­stand­ard...