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Whether you are an insurer, broker, reinsurer or insured party, you face an increasingly unpredictable world. From day-to-day operational matters to strategic planning, liability and disputes resolution, policy drafting, coverage and regulatory issues, your world is changing rapidly as tougher capital and risk requirements impact your business. With 100 specialist lawyers in 33 countries, we are attuned to your commercial interests and can protect them in your home market and across borders. Our approach is based on strong local legal knowledge delivered to you on a European-wide basis by experts who truly understand the insurance sector.

Many of our lawyers have worked in the insurance sector which means we understand the complexities of your markets. Whether you require guidance on claims, regulation policy drafting, wider business disputes, M&A, capital raisings and restructurings, cyber liability, HR, tax, real estate or commercial issues, our multi-disciplinary specialists can help you. We have a recognised domestic and cross-border track record of delivering for clients on the most complex transactional and advisory engagements in this sector. Equally, In the event of a domestic or cross-border insurance or reinsurance dispute, we can guide you through the disputes process, striving to secure the best business outcome.

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CMS Rus­sia part­ners Le­onid Zubar­ev and Max­im Boul­ba...
WTO up­date: A bill au­thor­ising the activ­it­ies of branches of for­eign...
On 16 Decem­ber 2011, Rus­sia signed the Pro­tocol Amend­ing the Mar­rakesh Agree­ment Es­tab­lish­ing the WTO (rat­i­fied by Fed­er­al Law No. 126-FZ of 21 Ju­ly 2012). The Pro­tocol sets out a num­ber of meas­ures that Rus­sia must im­ple­ment, in­clud­ing the ob­lig­a­tion to al­low.
Law ad­op­ted for in­creas­ing min­im­um charter cap­it­al...
The bill to counter US sanc­tions passes State Duma’s second read­ing
On 17 May 2018, the State Duma (the Lower Cham­ber of the Rus­si­an Par­lia­ment) ad­op­ted the bill “On Meas­ures (Coun­ter­meas­ures) in Re­sponse to the Un­friendly Ac­tions of the USA and Oth­er States” (the “Bill”) in the second read­ing.
Sergey Yuryev
The law on counter-sanc­tions now in force
New re­quire­ments for Rus­si­an in­sur­ance or­gan­isa­tion ex­ec­ut­ives
Qual­i­fic­a­tion and busi­ness repu­ta­tion re­quire­ments have been in­tro­duced for Rus­si­an in­sur­ance or­gan­isa­tion ex­ec­ut­ives. Pri­or ap­prov­al of can­did­ates to the ex­ec­ut­ive po­s­i­tions in Rus­si­an in­sur­ance com­pan­ies by the Cent­ral Bank of Rus­sia (the “CBR”), the sec­tor.
New re­quire­ments for Rus­si­an in­sur­ance or­gan­isa­tion...
Latest amend­ments to Rus­si­an In­sur­ance Law: new clear­ance re­quire­ments...
Start­ing from 28 Janu­ary 2018, pri­or ap­prov­al of the Cent­ral Bank of Rus­sia (the “CBR”) will be needed for: the ac­quis­i­tion of more than 10% of shares in, or con­trol over share­hold­ers hold­ing more than 10% of the shares in a Rus­si­an in­sur­ance or­gan­isa­tion.
Latest amend­ments to Rus­si­an In­sur­ance Law: new clear­ance...
Rus­sia joins the Montreal Con­ven­tion of 1999
On 4 April, Fed­er­al Law No. 52-FZ* on Rus­sia’s join­ing the Con­ven­tion for the Uni­fic­a­tion of Cer­tain Rules for In­ter­na­tion­al Car­riage by Air 1999 (the “Montreal Con­ven­tion”) was pub­lished. Rus­sia joined the Con­ven­tion on the con­di­tion that it re­serves the right.
CMS Rus­sia re­cog­nised by Best Law­yers 2018
A re­view of the Rus­si­an court prac­tice  on in­sur­ance in 2015-16
This art­icle ad­dresses the Rus­si­an courts’ in­ter­pret­a­tion of the civil law rules on in­sur­ance con­tracts in the past two years. While the Rus­si­an leg­al doc­trine does not re­cog­nise case law, leg­ally bind­ing court de­cisions of­ten serve as ref­er­ence points or ex­amples.