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We counsel important companies in the country in the planning of labor policies, personnel recruitment, occupational safety and health, collective bargaining and in resolving labor claims.

We provide legal assistance in labor matters, satisfying general inquiries; participating in the planning and organization of human resources, as well as in the design of labor policy strategies; counseling them on recruitment and termination of staff, immigration regime, pension related issues, social security, health and safety at work, and collective dismissals.

We provide counsel and have direct participation in the collective bargaining that our clients hold with the trade union organizations that represent their workers, having participated in collective bargaining with important companies in the country, such as Xstrata Tintaya S.A. (Now Glencore), Pluspetrol Peru Corporación S.A., Telefónica del Peru S.A.A., Saga Falabella S.A., among other companies.

We provide consulting services, auditing and training in occupational safety and health, participating actively in the implementation and continuous improvement of the integrated management systems of occupational health and safety of our clients.

We have acquired vast experience in developing legal audits in labor matters (Due Diligence or Legal Diagnostic Report) for companies from all sectors and economic activities, such as prior to a corporate reorganization, share transfers, mergers and acquisitions, and takeover transactions, among others.

Also, we represent our clients in a large number of labor processes when faced with worker claims, both in Lima and in the provinces, in the judicial and/or administrative seat.

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