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DURS – Call for the fulfilment of tax liabilities


The tax authorities’ Public Relations department again calls on all tax debtors to settle their liabilities, thus avoiding costs and other inconvenience connected with tax foreclosure.

Given that the DURS consistently conducts all tax foreclosure proceedings, regardless of status or a tax debtor's debt amount, in some cases enforcement costs may exceed the amount of the tax debt. Currently, tax foreclosure proceedings against 50,000 debtors with debt ranging from EUR 10 to EUR 100 are being drafted. Tax foreclosure costs owed by the taxable person once a tax enforcement order is received amount to EUR 25 for administrative orders and EUR 75 for tax foreclosure orders regarding movable property, thereby making it more likely that enforcement costs exceed the amount owed.

All taxable persons may receive information on the precise amount of debt owed by phone on 08 209 00 00 or by accessing their online e-Card (eKartica).


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Saša Sodja