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Decree on self-supply of electricity from the renewable energy sources


After its adoption at the end of 2015, some amendments to the Decree on the self-supply of electricity from the renewable energy sources (hereinafter: “Decree”) are now on their way.

The Decree not long ago introduced the net-metering instrument in Slovenia for the first time. This was well received among Slovenian households considering there are currently 135 devices connected up with a total power of 1.1 MVA. The instrument of net-metering has also been supported by some electricity traders, who provide loans on lenient terms and turn-key installations of devices. Moreover, the Eco Fund and the Slovenian Environmental Public Fund have provided subsidies since April 2017 for natural persons to install these devices.

Amendments to the Decree which are currently being proposed include (i) an increase in the amount of power annually permitted to self-supply devices (15 instead of 7 MVA for household consumers and 5 instead of 3 MVA for small business consumers) and (ii) the introduction of a maximal current power level which may be transmitted from meter point to the public grid (11 kVA). Further, the Decree also introduces some changes in the method by which the distribution system operators carry out their half-yearly reporting.

Proposed amendments to the Decree are in line with the EU “Clean Energy For All Europeans” draft legislation package which, among other things, lays emphasis on renewables and dispersed sources of electricity and introduces a definition of “renewable self-consumer” (a renewable self-consumer is an active customer who consumes and may store and sell renewable electricity which is generated within his, her or its premises, including a multi-apartment block, a commercial or shared services site or a closed distribution system).

As Slovenia aims to reach the target share of 25% of renewables in its gross final energy consumption by 2020, it is of a great importance to establish an investment friendly legislative framework for investors in self-supply devices as well. We believe that the amendment to the Decree, once adopted, will contribute not only to reaching the environmental targets but may also positively affect the self-supply devices industry, reduce the load on the electricity distribution network and increase the level of self-supply in general.


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Dunja Jandl
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