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The integration of employees in active employment policy measures during the period of notice


At the beginning of June, new Rules on the Inclusion of Employees in Labour Market Measures during the Period of Notice came into force. These Rules determine: (i) the manner and content of employers giving notice to the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter: the Employment Service) regarding the termination of the employment contract of an employee, and (ii) the procedure for integrating employees in measures on the labour market during the period of notice.

Thereby, the Rules substantially elaborate the provision of Paragraph 7 Article 91 of the Employment Relationship Act, which, in the event of the termination of an employment contract due to the employee’s incapacity or business reasons and when the employee is not offered a new employment contract, requires the employer to inform the Employment Service of such termination already at the start of the period of notice, so that the employee can, during the period of notice, already take part in the labour market measures. The rules specifically provide that the employer must notify the Employment Service of the termination of the employee on the date of serving termination notice or on the date when he receives proof that notice of termination has been served. The employer must do so through an online service, eDOR. The Rules, inter alia, specify the content of the employers notice to the Employment Service and the employer’s claim for reimbursement of an employee’s gross salary for the time of the employee’s absence due to his or her inclusion in employment measures. The employer can claim the latter only if he has promptly notified the Employment Service of the termination of the employee.