Picture of Olga Shenk

Olga Shenk

Senior Associate

Kyiv (Volodymyrska Street)
6th Floor, 38 Volodymyrska Street
Languages Ukrainian, Russian, English, French

Olga has over ten years of experience in advising local and international clients in the areas of dispute resolution and litigation, international arbitration, bankruptcy and compliance. Involved in numerous litigation and arbitration proceedings in  Ukraine and abroad, Olga advises clients across a wide variety of sectors, including agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, energy and banking.

Olga was consistently recommended by Legal 500 for providing “excellent service” and was included to the list of top-quality lawyers who represented foreign investors in disputes with state entities according to Legal 500, 2012.

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Relevant experience

  • Representing the Ukrainian subsidiary of a major multinational technology and consulting corporation in a dispute on termination of the service contract and collection of damages, initiated by a local trading company.
  • Representing a leading international manufacturing company as a respondent in a number of corporate litigations, related to the company’s participatory interest in its Ukrainian subsidiary.
  • Working on Ukrainian law expert opinion for a foreign investor in the ICSID case against Ukraine.
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  • 2006 – diploma cum laude of the specialist in law, Academy of Labour & Social Relations of Federation of Professional Unions of Ukraine, Faculty of Law
  • 2005 – diploma cum laude of the bachelor in law, Academy of Labour & Social Relations of Federation of Professional Unions of Ukraine Faculty of Law
  • 2002 - diploma cum laude of the specialist of foreign languages (English and French) of, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Lviv National University Ivan Franko, Faculty of Foreign Languages
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  • Ukrainian Arbitration Association member
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
  • (Member of Anti-Corruption Working Group, Compliance Club)
  • Graduated from ICC Advanced Arbitration Academy for Central and Eastern Europe
  • Admitted to the Bar in Ukraine
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  • Insurance & Reinsurance 2016” Global Legal Group, February 2016
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7 September 2016
The In­ter­na­tion­al Com­par­at­ive Leg­al Guide to In­ter­na­tion­al...
Rus­sia in­tro­duces trade sanc­tions against Ukraine
On 29 Decem­ber 2018, the Rus­si­an gov­ern­ment im­posed im­port ban on a num­ber of goods ori­gin­at­ing in or trans­por­ted through/from Ukrain­i­an ter­rit­ory. The ban is the re­tali­ation for sanc­tions im­posed earli­er by Ukraine against vari­ous Rus­si­an na­tion­als and com­pan­ies.
Ukraine ad­opts law on mari­time con­tigu­ous zone
On 6 Decem­ber 2018 the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment ad­op­ted Ukraine’s Con­tigu­ous Zone Law (the “Law”) that gov­erns the ex­er­cise by Ukraine of its sov­er­eign powers with re­spect to Ukraine’s mari­time con­tigu­ous zone.
Ukrain­i­an court rules that ag­ri­cul­tur­al lands morator­i­um is con­trary...
On 10 Oc­to­ber 2018, Don­etsk Court of Ap­peal (“Ap­pel­late Court”) rendered the de­cision where the Court re­fused to up­hold the morator­i­um on sale of ag­ri­cul­tur­al lands pre­scribed in Land Code of Ukraine (“Ag­ri­cul­tur­al Morator­i­um”) as con­trary to Ukraine’s Con­sti­tu­tion.
Ukraine fur­ther im­proves rules of crim­in­al pro­ced­ure to elim­in­ate...
The Law No. 2548-VIII dated 18. 09. 2018 On Amend­ing Crim­in­al Pro­ced­ure Code Re­gard­ing Im­prove­ment of En­sur­ing Rights of Par­ti­cipants of Crim­in­al Pro­ceed­ings and oth­er Per­sons by Law En­force­ment Au­thor­it­ies In the Course of Con­duct­ing Pre-Tri­al In­vest­ig­a­tions.
Ukrain­i­an of­fi­cials strengthen bor­der entry con­trol dur­ing tem­por­ary...
Fol­low­ing the in­tro­duc­tion of mar­tial law in Ukraine (ef­fect­ive since 28 Novem­ber 2018, more de­tails here), on 30 Novem­ber 2018, the Pres­id­ent of Ukraine an­nounced in so­cial me­dia re­stric­tion on the entry to Ukraine of male Rus­si­an na­tion­als between the ages.
Ukraine’s Su­preme Court pulls the plug on JKX emer­gency award en­force­ment
By res­ol­u­tion dated 19 Septem­ber 2018 (the “Res­ol­u­tion”) Ukraine’s Su­preme Court con­firmed deni­al of en­force­ment in Ukraine of the emer­gency award (the “Emer­gency Award”) rendered in ac­cord­ance with Ar­bit­ra­tion Rules of the Ar­bit­ra­tion In­sti­tute of the Stock­holm.
Ukrain­i­an Court Rules that Share­hold­er Can Act as Dir­ect­or without...
On 7 June 2018 Kharkiv Dis­trict Ad­min­is­trat­ive Court (the “Court”) is­sued de­cision in case No. 820/3159/18 (the “Judge­ment”), where the Court opined that a par­ti­cipant in a lim­ited li­ab­il­ity com­pany act­ing as the com­pany’s dir­ect­or may spare him­self/her­self.
Ukraine In­tro­duces Crim­in­al Li­ab­il­ity for Il­leg­al Bor­der Cross­ings
On 18 Oc­to­ber 2018, the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment ad­op­ted Law No. 7017 On Amend­ing Crim­in­al Code with re­gard to Li­ab­il­ity for Il­leg­al Cross­ing of State Bor­der, which makes it a crim­in­al of­fence to cross the state bor­der of Ukraine out­side of­fi­cial cross­ing points,.
Rus­sia to im­pose eco­nom­ic sanc­tions against Ukraine
Ac­cord­ing to me­dia re­ports, on 22 Oc­to­ber 2018 Vladi­mir Putin signed the De­cree on Im­pos­ing Spe­cial Eco­nom­ic Meas­ures Triggered by Un­friendly Ac­tions of Ukraine against Cit­izens and Leg­al En­tit­ies of the Rus­si­an Fed­er­a­tion.
Rus­si­an com­pan­ies no longer able to col­lect debts from stra­tegic Ukrain­i­an...
On 22 Au­gust 2018, a law went in­to force in Ukraine ban­ning the com­puls­ory en­force­ment of judg­ments for the pay­ment of debts by stra­tegic­ally im­port­ant loc­al de­fence en­ter­prises to en­tit­ies con­nec­ted to any coun­try re­cog­nised as an oc­cupy­ing state or ag­gressor.
Ukraine: the Su­preme Court Ex­tends Pro­tec­tion to Res­id­en­tial/Busi­ness...
Un­der the Ukrain­i­an Pen­al Code (“UPC”) burg­lary is viewed as ap­pur­ten­ant to the un­au­thor­ised entry of premises, in­clud­ing by po­lice, ad­min­is­trat­ive per­son­nel and/or oth­er pub­lic of­ficers. The UPC also treats it as a cir­cum­stance that ex­acer­bates a per­pet­rat­or’s.