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Tetiana Mylenka


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
19B Instytutska St.
01021 Kyiv
Languages Ukrainian, Russian, English

Tetiana Mylenka has more than10 years of experience focusing on the following areas: Corporate Law / M&A, Intellectual Property Law, Competition, Commercial Law and Energy & Natural Resources Law. Before joining CMS in 2015 she worked at Deloitte and renowned international and CEE law firms.

Tetiana Mylenka completed her law studies at the Institute of Law and Economics of Kyiv National Linguistics University and at the V. M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ph.D. Course in Land Law, Environmental Law and Law of Natural Resources). She also undertook an internship at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

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  • 2012 – Ph.D. Course in Land Law, Environmental Law and Law of Natural Resources, V. M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • 2006 – Master's degree, Institute of Law and Economics of Kyiv National Linguistics University
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  • "Liberalization of Electricity Market in Ukraine: Top 10 Things to Remember" (Association of Corporate Counsel, 25 March 2014)
  • “Doing PV Business in Ukraine: Brief Overview” (Law Firms for Ukrainian Business 2012) Kyiv, Ukraine
  • “Ecological and Legal Aspects of Production Companies‘ Activity in Ukraine” (Legal Newspaper, No. 25; 19 June 2012) Kyiv, Ukraine
  • "The Art of Legal Due Diligence" (Ukrainian Law Firms 2011) Kyiv, Ukraine
  • "Legal Framework for Energy Efficiency in Ukraine" (Information-analytical resource "Ukrainian energy UA-Energy.org"; 31 August 2011)
  • "Energy Efficient Ukraine: is there Light at the End of the Tunnel?" (Ukrainian Journal of Business Law; November 2010) Kyiv, Ukraine
  • "Vendor due diligence: сui bono?" (Legal Week; 7 Sep. 2010) Kyiv, Ukraine
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Te­tiana Mylen­ka and Artem Bara­bash joint ELSA Leg­al...
Ukraine: Pro­ced­ures im­proved for com­pet­i­tion cases and le­ni­ency pro­ceed­ings
On 7 Feb­ru­ary 2019, the Ukrain­i­an Par­lia­ment ad­op­ted a new law ex­tend­ing the scope of the ex­ist­ing le­ni­ency pro­gram and in­tro­du­cing new pro­ced­ur­al rules for com­pet­i­tion cases re­viewed by the An­ti­mono­poly Com­mit­tee of Ukraine (AM­CU).
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Elec­tric Vehicles
Ukraine ad­opts law reg­u­lat­ing food la­belling
The Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment has re­cently ad­op­ted the law on in­form­a­tion about food products for con­sumers, which brings Ukrain­i­an le­gis­la­tion in line with EU reg­u­la­tions, such as Reg­u­la­tion No. 1169/2011 (25 Oc­to­ber 2011) on the pro­vi­sion of food in­form­a­tion to.
Agree­ment on Syn­chron­isa­tion with ENTSO-E signed
Ukraine ad­opts law im­prov­ing holo­gram sys­tem to com­bat copy­right pir­acy
On 4 Oc­to­ber 2018, a new law strength­en­ing the fight against pir­acy and copy­right vi­ol­a­tions in Ukraine entered in­to force.   The law was passed fol­low­ing the is­su­ance of Spe­cial 301 Re­port on Copy­right Pro­tec­tion and En­force­ment for 2012 by the In­ter­na­tion­al.
Ukraine: A Mile­stone Law on the En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency of...
Ukraine sim­pli­fies pro­ced­ures for de­vel­op­ing re­new­able power plants
On 4 Septem­ber 2018, the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment passed the law “On Amend­ments of Cer­tain Le­gis­lat­ive Acts of Ukraine (in Re­la­tion to In­vest­ment At­tract­ive­ness of Con­struc­tion of Re­new­able En­ergy Ob­jects)” (the “New Law”).
Ukraine: quor­um re­quire­ment changed for lim­ited li­ab­il­ity...
Ukraine: pro­pos­al for the new re­new­ables gen­er­a­tion sup­port scheme
On 7 June 2018, the draft law “On In­tro­duc­tion of Cer­tain Changes to Laws of Ukraine re­gard­ing En­sur­ing Com­pet­it­ive Con­di­tions for Gen­er­a­tion of Elec­tri­city from Al­tern­at­ive En­ergy Sources” No. 8449 (the “Draft Law”), which could have im­mense im­plic­a­tions for.
Ukrain­i­an En­ergy Strategy up to 2035: Safety? En­ergy ef­fi­ciency? Com­pet­it­ive­ness?
With the Res­ol­u­tion No 605-r, dated Septem­ber 18, 2017, the Cab­in­et of Min­is­ters of Ukraine (CMU) ap­proved the En­ergy Strategy of Ukraine for the peri­od up to 2035 “Safety, En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency, and Com­pet­it­ive­ness” (the New En­ergy Strategy of Ukraine up to 2035).
Ukraine: New Privat­isa­tion Law Came in­to Force
On 7 March 2018, the long-awaited Law of Ukraine “On Privat­isa­tion of State-Owned and Mu­ni­cip­al Prop­erty” (the “Law”), which changes the con­cep­tu­al ap­proach to privat­isa­tion in Ukraine, came in­to force.