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Portrait of Amir Kordvani

Amir Kordvani


Level 15 Burj Daman
Dubai International Financial Centre
PO Box 506873
United Arab Emirates
Languages Persian, English, French, Arabic

Dr Amir Kordvani is a partner in CMS’s infrastructure projects practice in Dubai. He has extensive experience advising governments, sponsors, developers and contractors on a wide range of infrastructure projects including those that adopt PPP/PFI models in variety of sectors such as utility, natural resources, and transport in the Middle East, Australia, Central Asia, and Africa. He advises clients throughout the lifecycle of a project, from procurement structuring, tendering, contract drafting and negotiation, through to strategic advice during the execution of the projects.

Amir is admitted to legal practice in Australia and registered as an authorised legal practitioner in the UAE. 

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Relevant experience

  • A UAE-based developer on 200MW solar IPP in Uzbekistan.
  • A government body on the first social infrastructure PPP in Uzbekistan.
  • A GCC National Rail company on various matters regarding the development of railway infrastructure.
  • A GCC government on developing multiple healthcare facilities on PPP basis.
  • The procurer on the procurement of solar energy projects (the so-called “REPDO 3”) in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Ministry of Energy of Egypt on developing Regulatory Framework for Private Sector Participation in the Egyptian Electricity Market.
  • The Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan on the development of competitive procurement scheme for renewable energy projects.
  • The Government of Lebanon in relation to the feasibility stage for the development of IPPs in Lebanon (total capacity 1,500 MW).
  • A major Chinese state company on the development of residential and tourist facilities in Dubai.
  • A major resources company on its joint venture with ADNOC in relation to developing onshore and offshore oilfields in the UAE.
  • A power supplier in relation to a 450MW turnkey power project in Libya.
  • The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on various contractual issues in relation to IPPs 1-4.
  • The Government of Guinea (through the World Bank) on the development of Project Simandou, the largest iron ore mine in Africa and associate infrastructure.
  • A major listed Australian company on aspects of the development of a major LNG project in Queensland, Australia.
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Memberships & Roles

  • Queensland Law Society
  • Australian Business Council Dubai
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  • 2008 - LLB, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2007 - PhD, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2001 - LLB, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
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