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Our global Islamic Finance practice

29 January 2019

Islamic Finance involves the application of the Shariah (the system of religious law which applies to Muslims) to modern banking and finance.

The global Islamic Finance industry which currently has over 1400 active financial institutions participating in it across 67 countries has grown exponentially over the past fifteen years and now has assets of USD 3.5 trillion.

Although initially very much asset based, the Islamic Finance industry has evolved such that almost anything which can be offered on a conventional interest based basis can now also be offered on a Shariah compliant basis.

Shariah compliant products range from debt based loans to finance for example real estate, assets and projects to equity structures involving partnerships. They also comprise funds, debt capital markets instruments, derivatives, structured products and insurance.

To find out more on Shariah compliant products please download our brochure.

Our global Islamic Finance brochure 2019


Portrait of Shakeel Adli
Shakeel Adli