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Early stage

For some, it is the orientation, planning and founding stage, others speak of pre-seed, seed and start-up. Regardless of the term used to refer to this first phase of a company, it is without a doubt a particularly exciting stage in your career as a founder. After all, you will encounter numerous challenges, from registering your business to choosing the legal form and resulting tax consequences to protecting your brand. And as if that were not enough, your start-up also faces numerous further legal questions, for instance as regards the articles of association, supply agreements, GTCs, data protection or financing.

Commercial Law

Comprehensive advice on a large number of legal questions

There is no question that no start-up is like the other. For this reason, comprehensive and specific legal support that takes account of the planned company’s sector and corporate image is a must.

Following foundation, a solid legal groundwork must be prepared for operations to succeed. Not an easy task in markets characterised by an increasing number of regulations that differ from industry to industry. This fact alone calls for ongoing and reliable legal support, particularly in the start-up phase of an enterprise, to rule out accidental infringements of legal stipulations. It is the only way to keep entrepreneurial risks in check.

Standard contract templates gain in importance as business activities gain momentum for both B2B- and B2C-oriented start-ups. They are a question of not only cost, but also time efficiency. In today’s ever complex world of business, every industry needs specifically adapted and legally solid supply contracts, procurement agreements as well as general terms and conditions.


You are also well-advised to seek legal advice before launching your website. There are applicable publication requirements for both B2B and B2C businesses. Every website needs an individual check – with regard to the Austrian Commercial Code, the Austrian Media Act, the Austrian E-Commerce Act, the Austrian Consumer Protection Act, the Austrian Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act and the Austrian Data Protection Act.

You are planning to add an e-shop to your website at a later point? If so, be prepared to meet stricter legal requirements with regard to duties to provide information, disclosure and informing consumers of their rights. General terms and conditions must also be specifically adapted to be suitable for your respective e-shop.

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