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Beatrix Unger takes charge of Human Resources at CMS: “From an attractive employer to one with a dazzling complete package”


International law firm CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz has received top-level reinforcement in HR. In November 2018, Beatrix Unger became Head of Human Resources with responsibility for all HR matters in Austria as well as in the CEE offices that are run from the headquarters in Vienna.

“One of my main goals for the position I have just assumed is to convey an even more accurate picture of CMS to the outside world. After all, CMS is attractive to new colleagues not just in individual areas due to its international presence and its specialisation in correspondingly complex trade and industry cases,” says Beatrix Unger. “In fact, CMS has a complete package to offer, which is impressive thanks to an ideal training concept, a thriving culture of innovation and modern working practices.” This is evidenced by the fact that CMS was very recently awarded top marks as a training firm by industry expert JUVE.

“We want to apply our commitment to innovation to our HR work as well,” adds Günther Hanslik, HR Partner at CMS in Vienna. “After all, as a leading corporate law firm with a comprehensive portfolio, it is obviously important that we train or attract outstanding lawyers in every field.” “And our aim is to keep on finding the best people for our professional secretarial and support teams in-house,” adds Unger.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in human resources, Beatrix Unger, a native of Vienna, has extensive interests in areas such as HR strategy, recruitment and employment contracts, personnel development, employment law and payroll, HR controlling, managing local and international HR processes, and establishing internal policies. Due to the CMS structure, her main duties also include implementation of the HR strategy and performance management in CEE.

A wealth of experience

In the past few years, Beatrix Unger (49) has worked for several renowned enterprises, among them a leading Swiss company in the area of credit, debit and customer cards processing, where she was employed as the Human Resources Manager, and most recently the leading Pay TV provider in Austria, where she held the function of Director of Human Resources. Personal milestones in her long career as an HR expert for these and other companies include targeted measures to help create a family-friendly company, to trim the workforce responsibly and to integrate disabled apprentices at those companies.

Beatrix Unger has taken over as the new Head of HR at CMS from Gudrun Hamal, who has switched to a different industry as well.

A picture of Beatrix Unger for free use is available here.

Beatrix Unger takes charge of Human Resources at CMS
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