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CMS a top employer: Impressive advancement secures CMS second place for the first time ever in the JUVE ranking of the most attractive offers for associates


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz has leapt ahead this year in the JUVE list of the top 20 Austrian law firms to work for. The clear improvement from 8th to 2nd place is particularly gratifying when one considers the main reasons the young lawyers gave for choosing their employer. The JUVE applicant survey provides a clear picture of law students’, graduates’ and associates’ changing priorities when selecting a prospective employer.

JUVE's survey of applicants and trainee lawyers might put the final nail in the coffin of the cliché that prospective and young lawyers are primarily concerned with money. Rather, the two main criteria are the quality of the training and the ability to strike a healthy balance between work, leisure and family – with other reasons, such as salary, being much less significant when choosing an employer. CMS can be pleased about especially positive evaluations regarding the aforementioned main two criteria, in which, as a large law firm with many employees, it achieves results that surpass the average.

"This outstanding result has two very satisfying elements," says Managing Partner Johannes Juranek. "First, it validates the investment and efforts expended to establish an even better working environment. Secondly, as one of the law firms currently planning to hire a large number of junior lawyers, the status as a preferred employer means we are on track to attract many of the most talented legal professionals."

Günther Hanslik, the partner responsible for human resources, adds: "For us, the excellent rating in the JUVE survey serves both as an endorsement of our previous efforts and a mandate for the future: we will continue to place the ongoing development of our employees along a transparent career path at the centre of our work." 

What makes CMS so attractive to the younger generation 

The fact that CMS achieved the second-highest score is based on the many opportunities open to young lawyers at the Vienna law firm. The JUVE editors praise the transparent career path, generous support structure, and active encouragement of career-development within the law firm. They also emphasise the diverse opportunities for training and continued education that the law firm sustains. CMS also enjoys a well-deserved reputation when it comes to preparing for the bar exam. Thanks to internal courses and external training accompanied by time off work, the candidates feel particularly well supported.

Junior CMS employees also report above-average satisfaction with their work-life balance. According to the survey, this is due to the deep appreciation partners express for their trainees’ performance and the pleasant working atmosphere maintained despite the high workload. The positive JUVE assessment is crowned by the formidable reputation of numerous CMS practice groups and the diverse opportunities thus available for obtaining top training in several specialist areas. 

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