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CMS Business Breakfast: Experts in data protection law inform companies on how to plug their GDPR gaps

The General Data Protection Regulation came into force almost six months ago and yet many companies are still heavily preoccupied with it. There is no shortage of outstanding questions, but also misunderstandings, reported CMS data protection law experts Johannes Juranek and Reemt Matthiesen at the CMS Business Breakfast on
7 November, who gave numerous tips on how to get the matter of the GDPR off the (work) table once and for all.

CMS data protection law experts Johannes Juranek, a CMS partner in Vienna, and Reemt Matthiesen, a CMS partner in Munich, are constantly confronted with questions about the following when advising their clients: how to process requests for access and erasure correctly, what the actual data retention periods are, and how best to behave in the event of the worst-case scenario of a data breach.

To date we have advised plenty of Austrian, German and international companies on GDPR matters. We have noticed that questions keep cropping up in the three aforementioned areas in particular – and a lot of misunderstandings are also continuing to arise here,” explains CMS partner Johannes Juranek. “For this reason, we felt that it was important at our Business Breakfast to explain, in as practical a manner as possible, ways in which the interface between the legal requirements and the operational work processes can function in compliance with the GDPR,” adds Reemt Matthiesen, who advises companies on all aspects of IT law.

With the issue of data erasure in particular there are constantly fundamental mistakes and gaps in knowledge. For example, not every request for access and erasure automatically means that such data must be erased. “Many people are not aware of this, and so we want our clients to know that there are absolutely situations in which it is still possible to keep data,” says Juranek. He also explains that the firm’s aim is to take away their clients’ fear of retaining data and also to prevent them from “backing down immediately with every erasure request”.

The invitation to the offices of the Viennese law firm was taken up once again by numerous guests keen to receive an update on the General Data Protection Regulation and to discuss outstanding questions. For more information about the topic, please see https://cms.law/en/AUT/Insight/GDPR

CMS hot topics In 2018, CMS is hosting numerous events aimed specifically at companies wishing to receive timely information about risk assessment and prevention. But alongside Risk & Prevention, CMS Vienna is also inviting companies to exclusive information events dealing with a second major topic area – Digital Economy – in order to present and discuss increasingly important legal issues relating to FinTechs, cybercrime, smart contracts and ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), etc.

Photos of the CMS Business Breakfast are available for free use here:
Picture 1 (f.l.t.r. Reemt Matthiesen and Johannes Juranek)
Picture 2 (f.l.t.r. Reemt Matthiesen and Johannes Juranek)
Picture 3 (f.l.t.r. Reemt Matthiesen and Johannes Juranek)

For further events at CMS in Vienna please refer to the cms.law website under Events.

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