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CMS expands in Africa


The law firms RM Partners from South Africa and Daly & Inamdar Advocates from Kenya have joined the leading global CMS network. They will operate under the respective names CMS RM Partners and CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates.

With the new member firms, the CMS network, which already has offices in Angola, Algeria and Morocco, is significantly expanding its presence on the African continent. For more than 50 years, CMS has successfully handled major transactions in Africa and has proven its profound knowledge of the local legal systems. Today, 75 offices in 43 countries with more than 4,800 lawyers belong to the worldwide CMS network.

Johannes Juranek, Managing Partner of CMS in Austria, explains: "Our clients see enormous growth potential in Africa. Many of them want to expand into the continent's key markets. South Africa and Kenya are large economies, and at the same time they are the gateway to other markets south of the Sahara. RM Partners and Daly and Inamdar Advocates each has an outstanding reputation, has excellent local market knowledge and offers its clients a first-class service."

At the same time, CMS presents an innovative network structure in Africa. A joint orientation of the local law firms and experts will ensure the best possible support for the clients. CMS Africa is represented in the dynamic economic centres of Casablanca, Johannesburg and Nairobi. In addition, offices in Algiers, Luanda and Mombasa ensure an extensive presence on the continent. CMS Africa, which has now been strengthened, is the ideal partner for clients with tax and legal questions in Africa.

CMS RM Partners

CMS RM Partners specialises in providing practical, innovative legal and tax advice and transaction support. The firm is committed to the promotion of African junior staff and is rated Level 1 in the BEE programme ("Black Economic Empowerment") for the economic empowerment of the black population. It was founded by successful lawyers from leading international and local law firms, is based in Johannesburg and employs more than 20 lawyers. Its clients include private and government institutions, listed companies and numerous international corporations.

Riza Moosa, founder and CEO of CMS RM Partners, explains: “We are on a journey to transform and modernise the South African legal market, but we also recognise the importance of an African and international footprint. Joining CMS is the right step for our firm because they recognise the importance of growing an African business from Africa, and have a clear, regionally-focused growth plan for Africa which aligns with our own strategies. "

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates is one of Kenya's leading law firms. It is the result of the merger of two of the country's oldest law firms and employs more than 35 lawyers in Nairobi and Mombasa. The firm's partners have advised clients on numerous landmark corporate transactions and civil disputes.

Hamish Keith, Senior Partner and Managing Director of CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates, said: "Kenya is East and Central Africa’s epicentre of tech innovation and its economic expansion has been supported by a government that is committed to implementing business reforms. Our decision to join CMS follows a period of close collaboration on client work and a shared commitment to service. This will only deepen as Kenya becomes increasingly attractive as a destination for foreign investment."

CMS Executive Chairman Pierre-Sébastien Thill comments: "CMS is currently undergoing an exciting development. Our clients think globally, and they must be able to rely on CMS to provide them with high-quality advice and excellent service in all major jurisdictions. Expanding our geographic reach is one of our primary goals for the next four years. Our involvement in Africa is an important step for us to truly position ourselves as an international law firm."

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CMS expands in Africa
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