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Festschrift for Johannes Reich-Rohrwig: CMS Celebrates 60th Birthday of Name Partner Together with 150 Guests


Festschriften are usually dedicated to retiring university professors or personalities of outstanding merit at the end of their active career. Even though neither will apply to him any time soon, Johannes Reich-Rohrwig has already been honoured with this very special distinction. On 11 November, Bernhard Hainz, his companion of many years, and Prof. Heinz Krejci presented him with a Festschrift. Minister of Justice, Prof. Wolfgang Brandstetter, attended the event as a surprise guest and shared an amusing anecdote from the times when he and the jubilarian taught together at university. The 30 authors of the Festschrift and numerous other guests celebrated this occasion together at the CMS office at Gauermanngasse.

As the editors of the Festschrift, Prof. Heinz Krejci, long-term head of the Department of Commercial and Business Law at the University of Vienna Faculty of Law, and Bernhard Hainz wrote in their introduction, “being worthy of receiving a Festschrift has nothing to do with reaching a certain age”. When it comes to Johannes Reich-Rohrwig, both his academic achievements and his professional career as an attorney-at-law have earned him this distinction.

Johannes Reich-Rohrwig is one of the leading corporate lawyers in Austria and a partner at CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, where he works in the corporate law and dispute resolution team. He has successfully represented clients in civil and arbitration procedures and has also repeatedly served as an arbitrator and chairman of arbitration courts. In 1977 he completed his doctoral studies at the University of Vienna Faculty of Law. He has been admitted to the Austrian bar since 1983, celebrating his 30-year anniversary as a lawyer last year. In 2004, his habilitation thesis titled “Grundsatzfragen der Kapitalerhaltung bei AG, GmbH sowie GmbH & Co KG” (Fundamental issues in the maintenance of capital of AG, GmbH and GmbH & Co KG) was published by MANZ. His clear goal of cooperating within bigger units and networking far across borders in order to keep up with the development of our laws and their growing internationalisation led him to CMS.

Apart from his work as an attorney-at-law, Johannes Reich-Rohrwig has also gained a reputation for his academic achievements. Not only is his habilitation thesis on the maintenance of capital very impressive, since the early 1980s he has also published almost 200 books, articles and discussions of rulings on the topics of corporate law, M&A, antitrust and commercial law. His career was launched in 1983, when he published the leading systematic treatise on the Austrian limited liability company act. This milestone set the course for his later professional focus on corporate law and business law. He is also the co-editor of ecolex, the professional journal for commercial law.

Among the authors of the Festschrift are Prof. Friedrich Harrer, Prof. Christian Hausmanninger, Prof. Hanns F. Hügel, Prof. Georg Kodek, Prof. Heinz Krejci, Prof. Georg Schima, Prof. Alexander Schopper, Prof. Martin Spitzer, Prof. Manfred Straube, Prof. Ulrich Torggler, Prof. Irene Welser as well as the jubilarian’s CMS colleagues Egon Engin-Deniz, Bernt Elsner, Bernhard Hainz, Peter Huber, Prof. Christoph Kietaibl, Jens Winter and Christoph Wolf.

Among the guests of the celebration of Johannes Reich-Rohrwig’s 60th birthday and the presentation of his Festschrift were also Federal Minister Prof. Wolfgang Brandstetter; Peter Augendopler, CEO of backaldrin Österreich; Felix Sawerthal, Chairman of the Executive Board of EVN AG; Alois Steinbichler, Chairman of the Executive Board of Kommunalkredit Austria AG; Wolfgang Pichler, Publishing Director at MANZ; Reinhard Wolf, Director General of RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG; Alois Ecker, Chairman of the Executive Board of Energie Burgenland; Günther Ofner, member of the management board of Flughafen Wien; Maximilian Burger-Scheidlin, Executive Director of the ICC Austria; Michael Längle, Executive Board Member of RAG; Sonja Bydlinski, Head of the Department of Business and Corporate Law at the Federal Ministry of Justice; Prof. Herbert Pimmer, Senate President of the Austrian Supreme Court; the justices of the Austrian Supreme Court Georg Nowotny and Prof. Gerhard Kuras as well as numerous other guests, partners, lawyers and employees of CMS.

Pictures of the Festschrift being presented to Johannes Reich-Rohrwig are available for free download at http://sites.cmsrrh.com/downloads/events/141111/presse/index.html 

Picture 1 (from left to right): Heinz Krejci, Bernhard Hainz (CMS), Johannes Reich-Rohrwig (CMS),Wolfgang Brandstetter (Minister of Justice), Peter Huber (CMS)
Picture 2 (from left to right): Johannes Reich-Rohrwig (CMS), Peter Augendopler (backaldrin)
Picture 3: Irene Welser (CHSH), Johannes Reich-Rohrwig (CMS)
Picture 4: Johannes Reich-Rohrwig (CMS)

Picture credits: Anna Rauchenberger

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Festschrift for Johannes Reich-Rohrwig: CMS Celebrates 60th Birthday of Name Partner Together with 150 Guests
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